HORIBA listed among "Most Honored Companies" by Institutional Investor Magazine in the 2018 All-Japan Executive Team Rankings

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HORIBA, Ltd. (HORIBA) was listed among the top-ranked companies in its sector according to the US-based leading global financial magazine Institutional Investor, released as part of the 2018 All-Japan Executive Team Rankings on May 15, 2018. In the Electronics Precision Instruments business sector, HORIBA was placed 4th in the Honored Company category and 3rd in the Best Analyst Days category, with our very own IR manager Eita Uesugi ranked first in the Best IR Professionals category.

Japanese major companies in 27 business sectors that conduct excellent IR activities were selected by Institutional Investor based on the votes of about 1.000 institutional investors and analysts from around the world.

Over the medium- to long-term, HORIBA will continue to maintain sustainable growth with a look towards enhancing our corporate value based on our corporate motto “Joy and Fun”, in addition to improving IR activities.

Details about the "Most Honored Companies" in Institutional Investor's 2018 All-Japan Executive Team Rankings can be found on the following website: