HORIBA acquires UK based company MIRA Ltd.

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HORIBA acquires UK based company MIRA Ltd. to expand vehicle development and testing business, and contribute to development of next-generation mobility such as autonomous vehicles

HORIBA, Ltd. acquires the entire business operations of MIRA Ltd., the United Kingdom registered vehicle engineering consultancy and testing services provider. The acquired business includes testing and development operations, utilizing MIRA’s extensive proving ground and the comprehensive test facilities, which is equivalent to 60 Tokyo Dome stadiums in area, combined with design and engineering capabilities. HORIBA's goal is to integrate these competences into its Automotive Test Systems segment to complement its established strength in analysis and measurement technologies for automotive development and regulatory compliance. HORIBA will expand its business and add new products and services at the cutting-edge of next-generation mobility development, in areas such as autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and ultra-low fuel consumption vehicles.

Background and objectives

HORIBA’s Automotive Test System business is a leading global supplier of analysis and measurement systems to automotive related companies and national certification bodies, principally in the field of powertrain development. In addition to their established Emission Measurement System (EMS) capabilities, an area in which they hold a dominant share of the global market, HORIBA acquired in 2005 the mechatronics (MCT) for powertrain research and development business of Carl Schenck AG in Germany. While HORIBA projects that these businesses will keep growing as internal combustion engines continue to play a critical role as a propulsion source for automobiles and other form of transport, the automotive industry, from a longer term perspective, is expected to shift its investment into the energy and safety domains, as well as the area of autonomous driving where IT is of vital importance. In order to respond to such market changes and develop its business in the vehicle development domain, including safety and autonomous driving technology, HORIBA acquires MIRA’s business to enhance its capability to offer solutions for next-generation mobility development.

Outline of MIRA Ltd.

MIRA Ltd. was established in 1946 as the government-funded Motor Industry Research Association in the UK. It provides various testing, product design and development research services, including next-generation transportation technology, to the automotive, aerospace, railway and other industrial sectors. On its 297 ha site in Nuneaton, near Birmingham in central England, MIRA has a high speed circuit and special test tracks which reproduce various traffic conditions, along with a broad spectrum of test facilities. MIRA’s business areas include vehicle engineering consultancy, vehicle testing services, and on-site R&D facility leasing. In addition to serving clients in the UK, MIRA is expanding its business globally, with increasing demand from the automotive industry in Japan, America, Europe and Asia in recent years.
MIRA is based in the Midlands, in central England, a region in which many F1 (Formula 1) and other motor sport vehicles constructors are based. This has led to an accumulation of cutting-edge automotive development technologies and knowhow in the area, with many other automotive companies located nearby.

Engineering Consultancy
Consultancy, design and development for vehicle driving performance, brake performance, electromagnetic compatibility performance, collision safety performance, functional safety performance, and also autonomous vehicle development services utilizing automatic driving and remote control technology.

Testing Services & Consultancy
Testing and homologation services for collision safety, electromagnetic compatibility, functional safety and other vehicle related performance. MIRA has the capability for a range of type approval testing, delegated by public authority. 

MIRA Technology Park
MIRA Technology Park offers a range of facilities available to lease to automotive companies within the site. MIRA Technology Park has been granted Enterprise Zone* status by the UK government. MIRA is also receiving funding within an autonomous car project being promoted by the UK government.
*Enterprise Zones are a part of the UK government’s long term economic plan. Companies in Enterprise Zones have access to a number of benefits, including tax concessions and grants. There are 24 designated English Enterprise Zones.

About MIRA Ltd.

Company nameMIRA Ltd. 
LocationWatling Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0TU, United Kingdom
RepresentativeExecutive Director / Dr. George Gillespie OBE
Group companies13 companies in 6 countries (including parent company)
(UK, U.S., China, India, Brazil, Mauritius)
Business results(2014)Sales of ₤46.1 million (approx. 8.6 billion yen) 
(At an exchange rate of 186.96 yen to one pound)

HORIBA’s Automotive Test System business and synergies with MIRA’s businesses

MIRA has utilized HORIBA’s emission gas analyzers to conduct joint development with clients and is now moving forward to enhance its vehicle development engineering business, a key element in the system design of electric vehicles (EVs) and other future vehicles. By injecting HORIBA’s industry leading EMS and MCT measurement technologies into MIRA’s R&D activities, business expansion can be accelerated via partnerships to automotive-related companies in vehicle development.

  1. Compliment business portfolios and provide comprehensive services
    HORIBA’s measurement technology and MIRA’s design and development technology, and testing simulation technology will mutually complement the business portfolio of both companies, enabling them to provide comprehensive engineering services for vehicle development. Know-how in next-generation vehicle development technology will also be accumulated more effectively as a result of the new arrangement.
  2. Globalize MIRA’s engineering consultancy business and testing services & consultancy business
    MIRA is currently operating mainly in the UK and some parts of Asia and South America. By leveraging HORIBA’s global network, MIRA’s business can expand more quickly into new global markets.
  3. Contribute to next-generation intelligent mobility development such as EV design and autonomous vehicle technology
    MIRA’s know-how in areas such as EV design, autonomous driving and IT-related technology will inform HORIBA’s product portfolio. In addition to contributing to new and more effective products in the future, access to MIRA’s testing capabilities will enhance HORIBA’s design and development activities.

Leveraging its dominant global share and customer reach in the EMS business area, HORIBA has doubled its sales in Automotive Test Systems since 2005. HORIBA will use its 10 years of experience in integrating with MIRA’s business to target increased growth in the engineering and testing domains for overall vehicle development.

Acquisition details

HORIBA has already established HRA International Ltd. in the UK on June 5, 2015. HRA International Ltd. will take over the assets and start business from July 14, 2015 as HORIBA MIRA Ltd.

Organization of HRA International Ltd. after the acquisition

Company nameHORIBA MIRA Ltd.
LocationWatling Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0TU, United Kingdom

 Executive Director / Dr. George Gillespie OBE

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