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Particle Analysis

HORIBA offers particle characterization tools based on several principles including laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering, image analysis, nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA), and centrifugal sedimentation. Each of these techniques generates results in both similar and unique ways. Most techniques can describe results using standard statistical calculations such as the mean and standard deviation. But commonly accepted practices for describing results have evolved for each technique.

Laser Diffraction

Particle size has a profound effect on many product properties, from the impact of flavorings on food to the behavior of concrete in buildings. Such a wide range of applications requires a wide range of analyzers. HORIBA analyzers cover a particle size range is from below 1 nanometer to 30 millimeters, at concentrations ranging from 1 ppm to 50 vol% with shape determination available starting at 1 micrometer. Samples can range from dry powders to micoliters of precious suspension.

The Partica LA-960V2 is a laser diffraction particle size distribution analyzer that is known for its wide dynamic range, speed, excellent performance assurance, and outstanding quality. The compact Partica LA-350 laser diffraction analyzer can achieve high performance with easy operation and maintenance, excelling at applications as diverse as slurries, minerals, and paper chemistry.

Image Analysis

Particle shape has proven difficult to systematically analyze in the past. Modern computers and software now allow automated analysis of particle images to determine not just particle size, but also particle shape. HORIBA analyzers with shape determination are available starting at particle sizes of about 1 micrometer.

The Eyecon2 is a direct imaging particle analyzer enabling faster understanding of particle size, shape and variation with real-time particle size distribution and shape data. The PSA300 is a versatile particle size and particle shape analysis tool that can be used in a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industries and material science.

Dynamic Light Scattering

Nanoparticle and colloidal suspension stabilty often depends on the surface charge of the particles. In some applications, stability is desired and the effect of suspension conditions such as pH on electrostatic stabilization should be evaluated or monitored. Alternatively, when removing colloidal particles from a waste stream, determining the effect of coagulant concentration on surface charge allows optimal dosing. The SZ-100V2 Series measures particle size and particle distribution width by dynamic light scattering (DLS).

Surface Area

HORIBA's breakthrough SA-9600 Series brings exceptional convenience and confidence to surface area and pore volume analysis. Now you can perform single-point surface area, multi-point surface area and total pore volume measurements with push-button ease.

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)

Nanoparticle and colloidal particle concentration is an important parameter when monitoring protein aggregation or viral particle concentration. The ViewSizer 3000 uses nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) with three simultaneous lasers to collect the most accurate distribution and concentration information over a wide range of sizes within the same sample.


Centrifugal Sedimentation

High resolution particle size distribution measurement by centrifugation. The Partica CENTRIFUGE CN-300 applies centrifugal force of up to 30,000g and uses temperature control to produce accurate measurement results for a variety of samples. This instrument enables users to obtain reliable measurement results throughout the range of the particle size distribution, including small populations, as well as to the low area of the distribution.

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