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Innovation in biotechnology and biomedicine happens when biology, chemistry, nanotechnology, physics, engineering, and data science come together. From CRISP-Cas9 to Extracellular vesicles, mRNA technology to cell and gene therapies, these advances push the limits of performance and create the requirement for parallel innovations in analytical characterization. HORIBA has a unique portfolio of spectroscopy, imaging, particle characterization tools that turn discoveries into tools that fuel human health and wellbeing

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Extracellular Vesicles

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Detection of Small Molecules using an Ultrasensitive SPRi based NanoAptasensor
Comparison of SPRi and ELISA in the Evaluation of Biomolecules in Crude Samples
The use of SPRi for the characterization of multiple ligands: Examples of Alzheimer's disease investigation and circulating antibodies bioassay optimization

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