Inauguration of a Six-Company Consortium: The “Micro Chemical Initiative”

26 April 2004

(The “Micro Chemical Initiative” is the result of joint efforts by HORIBA, Ltd. and five other companies, and first notification of its establishment was given on April 26 by Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. The following release was written by HORIBA on the basis of that release.)

Inauguration of a Six-Company Consortium: The “Micro Chemical Initiative”
A New Type of Company Alliance in the Field of Micro Chemical Technology Aiming to Enhance International Competitiveness and Create Markets through Manufacturing

HORIBA, Ltd. announces the inauguration in May 2004 of the “Micro Chemical Initiative” (MCI), a project jointly developed by Horiba and five other companies, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., OMRON Corporation, Olympus Corporation, ZEON Corporation, and Yamatake Corporation. MCI will focus on commercialization of micro chemical technologies, which are the objects of high hopes in a wide variety of fields including chemicals, drug development, biotechnology, health care, environment, and energy. The aim is for the consortium of manufacturers, each of which has developed its own unique technologies, to work toward early application of these technologies through technological collaboration as well as business alliances. MCI plans to make available information related to the micro chemical field by holding study group, meetings and other events, and also through its Web site. It will put positive efforts into creating tie-ups between government, industry and academia, as well as into activities related to technology standardization.

Micro Chemical Initiative (MCI)