Establishment of HORIBA Institute for Particle Analysis in AIST TSUKUBA 

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Committed to Implementing a System That Enables the World’s Highest Level of Particle Analysis

Key points

  • Development of analysis technology for fine airborne particles in order to satisfy more stringent environmental regulatory requirement
  • Development of an analysis and evaluation system for leading-edge nanomaterials that contribute to strengthening of industrial competitiveness
  • Realization of synergistic effect through cooperation, and development of next-generation human resources to foster innovation



The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) (President: Kazuhiko Ishimura, hereinafter “AIST”) and HORIBA, Ltd. (President & COO: Masayuki Adachi, hereinafter “HORIBA”) have jointly established the HORIBA Institute for Particle Analysis in AIST TSUKUBA (hereinafter “HIPAA”) under the National Metrology Institute of Japan, AIST. HIPAA has conducted operations since February 1, 2021.
HIPAA promote research and development through an open innovation platform that combines the leading-edge technologies possessed by AIST and HORIBA in the fields of analysis and measurement, and material evaluation. HIPAA work on creating a practical system for enabling world’s best standard of particle analysis that will contribute to the resolution of environmental challenges to the task of protecting public health and safety, as well as to the development of nanomaterials that are expected to drive innovation.

For creation of a healthy and safe environment, and high value-added product manufacturing

Concept of the HORIBA Institute for Particle Analysis in AIST TSUKUBA


Currently, measures to mitigate environmental issues such as PM2.5 and automotive particulate emissions are recognized as important challenges in the quest to maintain public safety and foster healthy lifestyles. Meanwhile, development of nanomaterials that dramatically improve the performance and quality of products in various fields is raising high expectations for further development of industry and scientific technology.
The element common to research and development of both issues is measurement of particles, whereby analysis of properties such as particle size and composition will lead the way to identifying causes and making improvements.
HIPAA work on implementing a practical particle analysis system that offers an unprecedentedly high level of reliability, convenience, and versatility by fusing the extensive knowledge and proprietary technologies of both organizations. Through this collaboration, HIPAA respond to a wide range of market needs, and contribute to building a better society.

Research activities

HIPAA focus on the following R&D activities through leveraging synergies between AIST’s analysis and measurement technology, and its material evaluation technology, and HORIBA’s product development strengths. Efforts also be made to develop next-generation human resources through personnel exchanges within HIPAA.

  1. Development of a particle measuring system that can help in satisfying more stringent environmental regulations
    HIPAA work on developing a system that can accurately and easily measure more minute particles in order to resolve environmental issues, such as PM2.5 and automotive particulate emissions, in fields where environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent.
  2. Development of a system for analyzing and evaluating nanomaterial properties
    HORIBA use its nanoparticle analyzer to accumulate measurement data, and will work on developing a system that can effectively analyze and evaluate leading-edge materials such as carbon nanotubes and cellulose nanofibers. 

Online meeting for official launch of operations at HIPAA

On Friday, January 22, AIST and HORIBA held a meeting to discuss future developments at HIPAA. In light of the current situation of the spread of COVID-19, the meeting was conducted online connecting facilities at Kyoto, Tokyo, and Tsukuba. Participants, including Ishimura (President of AIST) and Adachi (President of HORIBA), discussed how to keep advancing open innovation efforts toward creating a better future while taking comprehensive measures to prevent spread of infection, even under the difficult conditions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

HIPAA Organization

  1. Name: HORIBA Institute for Particle Analysis in AIST TSUKUBA
  2. Location: AIST Tsukuba Central 3 and AIST Tsukuba Central 5
  3. Research organization: Director Hiroshi Tateno (on temporary secondment from HORIBA)
  4. Staff: 18 (tentative)
(Left) Kazuhiko Ishimura (President of AIST) (Right) Masayuki Adachi (President & COO of HORIBA) (Note: This meeting was conducted online due to the state of emergency declared in light of the coronavirus pandemic)
Screenshot of online meeting: Participants exchange opinions on how to keep open innovation moving forward, even during the coronavirus pandemic. (Upper left) Masayuki Adachi, (Upper right) Kazuhiko Ishimura, (Lower left) Kentaro Nishikata (General Manager of HORIBA Research & Development Division), (Lower right) Takashi Usuda (Vice-President of AIST and Director General of the National Metrology Institute of Japan)