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Non-destructive Failure Analysis on Electronic Components Using the XGT-9000
μ-XRF is a non-destructive analytical technique which can inspect defects, even non-visible ones, inside a sample because of the high penetration of X-rays. This application note introduces failure analysis to detect ion migration, voids, and foreign matter on electronics using the XGT-9000, with key features of the vertical irradiation of a 10 μm probe and the simultaneous imaging of fluorescent X-rays and transmission X-rays.
Fast thickness measurement of thin metal coatings by Micro-XRF
The penetrating nature of EDXRF analysis allows multi-layered samples to be characterised with a single measurement. With high spatial resolution even microscopic features such as bonding pads on circuit boards can be interrogated for composition and layer thickness.
Quality control and defect analysis in the electronics industry using micro-XRF
Troubleshooting and defect analyses of components embedded within opaque resins are described, on both individual components and complete circuit boards. Quantitative analysis to the ppm level is ideally suited for ensuring compliance to the WEEE/RoHS directives.
Micro-XRF analysis for the Electronics Industry
The combination of the XGT-5000’s ground breaking spatial resolution and sensitivity means it is the instrument of choice for fast analysis of electronic components, whether for analysis of restricted harmful elements (the WEEE/RoHS ‘lead free’ legislation), trouble shooting, or R&D.
Analytical Chemistry in Electrical Equipment
Optical Fiber Manufacturing Process in Electrical Equipment
Optical Fiber Manufacturing Process
Temperature management for copying machines
Internal temperature management for household appliances
Internal temperature management for household appliances
Temperature management for air conditioners
Temperature management for air conditioners
Check heating value of electronic devices
Check heating value of electronic devices


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