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Analysis Centers and Services

Scientific instruments and analytical technologies are advancing rapidly. It is not trivial to acquire the ability and know-how, required to operate and maintain advanced systems, to obtain the best performance. Moreover, the range of possible applications for such techniques is rapidly expanding.

The purpose of HORIBA's application centers is to help present and potential customers to obtain necessary information about scientific and analytical techniques and instruments, provide expert consultations, seminars and actual sample analysis upon request. HORIBA's experienced consultant engineers are ready to solve your problems using scientific and analytical techniques.

HORIBA Has 17 Analysis and Application Laboratories

Located in 10 countries around the world

HORIBA Analytical Laboratory in Japan

HORIBA Application Center in Japan has two analisys laboratories located at HORIBA headquarters in Kyoto and in Tokyo. The both laboratories exhibit and make demonstration of HORIBA's main scientific and analytical instruments, employing in total 20 application engineers and scientists. More than 5,000 samples are analyzed per year for potentical customers, mainly inside Japan and other Asian countries.

In addition, at these analysis laboratories live demonstrations of instruments' operations and sample analysis are performed for visiting potential customers, providing required information about the samples and the measurement systems, like: accuracy, precision and operation procedure. All that information helps the potential customers to decide which technique and/or instrument is the most suitable for his/her application's specific need and whatever he/she wants to purchase it.

HORIBA Application Center also provides support to existing customers by phone, e-mail and if necessary face-to-face meeting. Consultant engineers provide after-purchase training on site, scheduled training courses at analisys laboratories, consultations, technical information and actural sample analysis, upon request.

Moreover, HORIBA Application Center accepts requests for paid analysis for all the systems at the both analysis laboratories.