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Analysis of Free Carbon in SiC
Analysis of Free Carbon in SiC
Can free carbon in SiC be rapidly and conveniently quantified?
Characterization of Pyrite Inclusions in Lapis Lazuli Using X-ray Fluorescence Micro-imaging
Characterization of Pyrite Inclusions in Lapis Lazuli Using X-ray Fluorescence Micro-imaging
Lapis lazuli is a deep-blue metamorphic rock used as a semiprecious stone which contains inclusions that can impact its value. Pyrite impurities and major elements distribution are studied with the XGT-9000, HORIBA’s new X-ray microscope.
Laser Diffraction Analysis of Magnesium Silicate (Talc)
Laser Diffraction Analysis of Magnesium Silicate (Talc)
Talc is used in a wide range of manufactured products. These final products are a mixture of many different components, so the talc is usually measured prior to mixture. Particle size is important to final product surface quality or mechanical strength of the product.
Laser Diffraction Analysis of Black Iron Oxide (Magnetite)
Laser Diffraction Analysis of Black Iron Oxide (Magnetite)
Magnetite is used in various applications from speaker production and high speed disk drives to a color additive in cement.
Measurement of Carbon and Sulfur in Cement
This application note describes the method and conditions to use with the EMIA 820V C/S analyzer to measure cement.
MoS2/Pb nanocomposite coatings for solid lubricants application
Depth profile analysis by GDOES. Pulsed RF Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry offers ultra-fast elemental depth profiling capability for the investigation of thin and thick films. Thanks to the use of a pulsed RF source, coupled with a high resolution optical spectrometer, the GD Profiler 2 provides an excellent depth resolution, allowing the fast evaluation of the coating quality. In this application note, we focus on a MoS2/Pb composite multilayered sample, used as a solid lubricant. The analysis of such a sample shows the excellent performance of this instrument for the study of nm-thick complex coatings.
Particle Size and Shape of Abrasives
The behavior of an abrasive material is influenced by the hardness, size, and shape of the particles. A harder particle will be more aggressive in altering the surface of the work piece. Larger particles generate higher impact force removing the material surface quicker and producing a heavier texture. Particle shape also plays a role.
How to analyse your electroplated coating?
Pulsed Radio Frequency Glow Discharge-Optical Emission Spectrometry was used to study different electroplated samples. The flexibility of the spot size, the use of a pulsed RF source and the introduction of the differential interferometry profiling make RF GD-OES a key technique for the electroplating industry.
GDOES, the Analytical Companion Tool for Magnetron Sputtering Deposition
Magnetron sputtering is a type of Plasma Vapour Deposition that uses magnetic fields to keep the plasma in front of the target, intensifying the bombardment of ions.
Pulsed RF GDOES is a companion analytical tool for magnetron sputtering deposition. Magnetron sputtering is a type of Plasma Vapour Deposition. The vacuum chamber of the PVD coating machine is filled with an inert gas, such as argon. By applying a high voltage (RF, HIPIMS etc), a glow discharge is created, resulting in acceleration of ions to the target surface and a plasma coating. The argon-ions will eject sputtering materials from the target surface (sputtering), resulting in a sputtered coating layer on the products in front of the target.
Luminescence of Glasses Doped with Rare Earths for Photonic Materials
HORIBA Spectrometers are used to characterize doped glasses for photonics
Plasma Emission Control and Process Gas Monitoring for Dry Coating Process in Functional Glass Manufacturing
Functional Glass
HORIBA is one of the world's largest gas and liquid mass flow controller manufacturers, with a range of analogue, digital and high temperature mass flow controllers along with the point of use liquid source vaporization control and delivery systems.


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