OEM Raman Miniature Probes

OEM Miniature Raman Systems and Components

OEM Portable Raman spectroscopy project? Have you tried an off-the-shelf hand-held Raman spectrometer for proof of concept?

…Now you need reduced cost / increased performance / full confidentiality / customizations on an industrial grade portable Raman spectrometer?

For years, HORIBA Scientific’s OEM division has been the preferred, reliable and consistent  supplier of OEM spectroscopy components. Our know-how in Raman (We are Number #1!) has made it into our miniature spectrometers and systems for portable Raman applications (Process control, Security, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Semiconductor…)

  • Minimum Range: 210cm-1, up to 4000 cm-1     however limited by spectrometer range
  • Optical design: Bandpass and longpass filters in proprietary layout
  • Fiber coupling: FC connectors
  • Fibers: Typically 100µm single fiber for Laser Excitation, TBD for Signal Collection
  • Spot Size: 100-125µm on sample (**Other spot sizes on request)
  • Working Distance: 9 to 10mm
  • Dimensions: 106 x 21 x 33mm / 4.2 x 0.9 x 1.3mm

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