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Reflectance and Transmittance

Perform broad-spectrum reflectance and transmittance measurements from UV to NIR with high spatial resolution.

White light spot focusing on specular surface by various objectives.

(a) μ-T map of a mica sample, obtained by 50x objective around the wavelength of 695 nm. (b) Optical image of the mapping area of the mica sample.

Micro-reflectance measurement using an objective. Reflection captured by an objective.

Micro-reflectance measurement using an objective. Images of a white light spot focused by 10x objective, on the specular substrate (top), and on a scattering surface of MoS2 flake (bottom).

Reflectance and Transmittance Specifications

Spectrometer and Detectors
Excitation SourcesXenon Lamp (200 nm – 2200 nm)
Tungsten Halogen Lamp ( > 350 nm)
Supercontinuum Laser ( > 400 nm)
Spectral Range (nm)1250 nm – 2200 nm
Recommended Gratings21200 g/mm, 600 g/mm, 15 0 g/mm
Spectral Resolution3 (nm)0.390.180.1
Microscope Objectives4Magnification10X50X100X
 Spot Size (fiber-coupled)< 50 μm< 12 μm< 6 μm
 Spot Size (free space-coupled)< 10 μm< 5 μm< 2 μm
Sample StageXYZ (Manual and motorized options available) – 75 x 50 mm; 100 x 100 mm; 150 x 150 mm; 300 x 300 mm
Vision CameraSoftware controlled vision camera included

1 Extension into mid-IR available on request
2 Other gratings available on request
3 Based on 1200 g/mm grating at 500nm and a 26 μm pixel CCD
4 Reflective objectives may be recommended if working in the UV or using multiple sources that cover a broad spectral range

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