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We make a broad range of light-measuring instruments, from fluorescence spectrometers to Raman spectrometers, and elemental analysis and modular systems. Our Videos On Demand help explain these technologies, and how our instruments work to solve your research problems.


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Aqualog Water Treatment Plant Analyzer

The gold standard for early detection

Spectroscopy in :60 - Protein A280 App: For EzSpec

One of those things that make EzSpec so good.

Wine Composition Profile

A-TEEM for quick & complete molecular fingerprints.


4th generation from the Fluorolog series spectrofluorometers

A-TEEM Molecular Fingerprinting

A-TEEM acquires chemical ID with fluorescence spectroscopy

EzSpec Software

EzSpec Software for Duetta and its winning user experience

Making Fluorescent DNA/RNA with Byron Purse

Byron Purse on his work modifying Fluorescence of DNA & RNA

Aqualog Data Stream™ and Sipper™

Two tools for the entirely seamless, automated Aqualog package


New camera, new imaging, new FLIM

Spectroscopy in :60 - DiscoverEEM App, for EzSpec

Automatically discover Fluorescence profiles in about 60 secs

Spectroscopy in :60 - Pass/Fail App: For EzSpec

EzSpec and its apps, making research too EZ

Spec in :60 - Concentration Curve App: For EzSpec

EzSpec, don’t blink or you’ll miss the hard part.

FluoroMax Plus

FluoroMax +, 5th generation of spectrofluorimetry excellence

Spectroscopy in :60 - EEM Comparison

Money down on this Head 2 Head EEM acquisition comparison

Spectroscopy in :60 - Delta Diodes

The simple and ideal excitation sources for TCSPC.

Spectroscopy in :60 - A-TEEM™

A-TEEM measures a bunch of dope stuff real fast

Spectroscopy in :60 - FAST -01 Autosampler

Fast auto sampling. Auto fast sampling. Auto sampling, fast.

Spectroscopy in :60 - Up Conversion

Up conversion. The story of a NIR photon making itself visible.

Spectroscopy in :60 - SSTD

Acquire a phosphorescence decay curve in seconds

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» View Raman products

Spectroscopy in :60 - Si Stress app

HORIBA's Si Stress app for LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Software

Spec in :60 - χSTaiN app for Instant Raman Analysis

HORIBA's χSTaiN app for LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Software

Targeting Toxic Waste With Minerals

Raman spectroscopy reveals what minerals treat toxic waste

Microplastics: Part I

Microplastics are real. Experts talk about what that means

Spectroscopy in :60 - KnowItAll HORIBA Edition

Seamless chemical ID with KnowItAll HORIBA Edition

Spectroscopy in :60 - LabSpec6 Mosaic & NavMap

Easy navigation and mapping over a large area


Explaining AFM-Raman - co-localized measurements & TERS

Spectroscopy in :60 - SmartSampling

HORIBA's DLC app for LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Software

Spectroscopy in :60 - DLC app

Smart & 100x fast, mapping for highly detailed Raman imaging

Spectroscopy in :60 - EasyImage™ Software

EasyImage™ software for LabRAM Soleil and XploRA™ PLUS

Microplastics: Part II

Experts talk about their research of the microplastics issue

Spectroscopy in :60 - Raman Macro Accessory

Simple add-on for measuring liquid and bulk samples

Spectroscopy in :60 - MacroRAM Accessories & Probes

Accessorize your MacroRAM for maximum versatility & flexibility

Spectroscopy in :60 – Remote Raman Probes

Bring Raman to your sample with an array of remote probes

Raman Educational Lab Series

MacroRAM, an ideal teaching tool for undergrads

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Custom Spectroscopy Solutions

» View Custom Spectroscopy Solutions products

Next Generation Photovoltaics

Making solar energy more efficient for everyone

Multitask Your Microscope™ with Spectroscopy

How many applications is your microscope good for?

Standard Microscope Spectroscopy

SMS customization for modularity and multimodality

Spectroscopy in :60 - Large Wafer Analysis System

No wafer too large for this customized system

Spectroscopy in :60 - SMS-FLIM

SMS Lifetime system for Macro & Nano Material characterization

The Best Nano Particle

Research on energy applications of nanomaterials

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» View GD-OES products

Spectroscopy in :60 - GD OES Technique

GD Profiler 2 performs elemental depth profiling really quickly

Spectroscopy in :60 - GD-Profiler 2 Accessories

Spectroscopy in :60 - GD Profiler 2™ + Quantum™

Acquisitions, real-time measurement, and DiP conversion, wow!

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Elemental Analysis

» View Elemental Analysis products


XGT-9000, fast, easy to use & intuitive package for XRF analysis


XGT-9000SL ultra-small spot elemental analysis for extra-large wafer samples



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OEM Spectrometers Multi-Track Videos

» View OEM products

4-Channel Multi-track Spectrometer (OEM)

Multiple Fiber Inputs to Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometers

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