Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD)

Advanced high-precision process control instrumentation for high yield MOCVD applications

Many industry leaders in the power electronics space utilize Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) as a standard process for laser diode, LED, and semiconductor manufacturing. The MOCVD process is a recognized controllable synthesis method that uses a variety of precursors like Trimethyl Indium (TMI) and Diethyl Zinc (DEZ) that require a robust delivery method to ensure process repeatability and high yield.  MOCVD systems utilize bubblers to vaporize the precursor allowing control of the precursor concentration, growth time, and growth rate. Some of the precursor is captured in the carrier gas stream and flows out of the bubbler to the chamber.  The amount of captured precursor in the process must be known, and more than anything, must be repeatable to provide maximum efficiency. Achieving this requires accurate, fast, and ideally closed-loop control of process variables including gas flows, temperatures and pressure.



Advanced high-precision process control instrumentation for high yield MOCVD applications

HORIBA’s MOCVD product portfolio provides solutions for all variations of this delivery technique including high accuracy thermal mass flow controllers (MFC), electronic back-pressure controllers, and non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR) concentration monitors that are proven for use in the most challenging precursor applications.  HORIBA also offers an interferometry end point monitoring techniques that can be applied to critical process environments.


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The optical system is made up of a light source, gas cell and double beam detectors. The stability of the double beam detector has been proven over a period of more than 40 years.

Products for MOCVD

Providing a long standing history of expertise in metrology developments and technological innovations, HORIBA is proud to be a respected leader in the Semiconductor Industry.

IR-300 - Gas Concentration Monitor

Precursor concentration is measured and reported in real time with HORIBA’s in-line IR-300 series vapor concentration monitor. A high optical intensity and long-life light source combined with high-speed signal processing enables the IR-300 Series to achieve faster, more repeatable responses to changes in precursor concentration in MOCVD applications. Additional benefits include improving reproducibility, reducing precursor waste, and signaling when the bubbler level is low to avoid bubbler depletion during a process run.

Product detail IR-300

UR-Z700 - Digital Auto Pressure Regulator

The UR-Z700 series digital auto back pressure regulator quickly responds to sudden changes in flow rates by accurately adjusting the pressure with newly developed high-flow control valves, enabling stable control of the bubbling system for MOCVD and other precursors applications. System accuracy is maintained at +/-0.5% F.S. for tight control of precursor delivery to the reaction chamber.

Product detail UR-Z700

Z500 - Digital Mass Flow Controller

HORIBA’s established thermal mass flow controller, the Z500 is ideal for MOCVD processes and is avaiable with various control options ranging from analog 0-5V to Device Net and Ethercat (we need to include the Ethercat Trademark indicator).  The Z500 Series is Multi-Gas Multi-Range and is available with Full Scale ranges from 3 SCCM to 500SLM.  HORIBA’s proprietary software, thermal sensing technology and unique piezo control method are all combined to enable an accuracy of +/-1% Setpoint throughout most of the dynamic range of the MFC.”

Product Detail Z500

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