Service Lifecycle Management

The automotive world is going through an unprecedented shift. Future mobility solutions must answer society’s call for greater environmental protection, autonomous driving, and connectivity. The transition to meet these new areas requires tremendous effort from automotive manufacturers to develop new competences and test capabilities while delivering traditional attributes. To answer these challenges, customers need more outcome from their test facilities. They must produce higher value tests while maintaining data quality and reducing the need for repeated work. 
HORIBA’s renowned test systems help customers achieve those targets. In addition, a full range of services to support and increase the outputs from customer laboratories is available. HORIBA offers services worldwide, conveniently located close to its customers. Its service teams are highly trained on products and customer applications, and offer the expertise needed to support both HORIBA product and the entire customer test laboratory and processes.  
HORIBA is committed to maintaining the highest standards for traditional support services, like spare parts, repairs, and preventative maintenance—as well as advanced services such as process optimization and entire laboratory maintenance programs. HORIBA is a trusted partner. It will ensure that equipment and test facilities remain operational, and customers are able to conduct development activities as effectively as possible. 

Service Provided Matrix

Spare Parts

Preventative Maintenance


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