The defense industry requires mobility solutions that can operate in extreme conditions, are capable of performing a variety of specialized tasks consistently, and can withstand the abuse and challenges they face during operations.  

Military ground vehicles range from light duty mobile combat vehicles to heavy duty, wheel or tracked platforms. Historically, reliability and fuel economy have been key concerns when considering traditional powertrain solutions in these applications. HORIBA equipment enables customers to engineer confidence in the solutions they develop. As new technologies emerge and combat environments change, new opportunities develop. By pairing advancements in other aspects of powertrain and vehicle performance with the needs of the defense industry, solutions arise that meet mission goals more efficiently and yield a tactical advantage.  

As in all facets of the mobility industry, electrification is redefining what is possible in the world of defense. Electrified powertrains, large on-board modular energy storage systems, and options for high voltage generation by either fuel cell systems or diesel electric generators are now available and offer significant potential. 

With over 75 years of expertise developing and refining propulsion systems, HORIBA will support the defense industry as it shifts—over time—from a sole dependence on internal combustion engines to a complex mix of hybridized and electrified systems. It offers a depth of experience in powertrain testing and simulation on a variety of vehicle configurations, as well as battery and fuel cell solutions and the expertise for safe integration into any type of vehicle architecture. HORIBA is here to help.  



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