Laser Turbidity Meter

HU-200TB-EH is a laser-type turbidity meter that can measure turbidity of membrane filtered water, etc. with a resolution of 0.0001 degrees. A high-sensitivity turbidty meter with a minimum resolution of 0.0001 degrees at a measurement range of 0.0000 to 2.0000 degrees, which uses a long-lasting semiconductor laser as the light source and employs a transmission 90-degree scattering light method.This is best suited for sensitive measurement of turbidity on surface water.

Measurement range: 0.0000 to 2.0000 degrees

Abteilung: Process Water
Produktionsfirma: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

-High-sensitivity measurement with minimum resolution of 0.0001

-Uses a long-life semiconductor laser light source

-Measurement Principle Transmission 90-degree Scattered Light Method

-Long-term stable measurement by electric wiper cleaning (optional)

-Automatic zero calibration function (optional)

-Pressurized defoaming tank (option) available


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