Fluid Control

HORIBA has a diverse range of products to cater for your fluid measurement and control requirements.

In a variety of manufacturing processes and research laboratories we offer precise measurement and reliable control of gas and liquids.  HORIBA is the recognised leader of high performance mass flow meters, mass flow controllers, automatic pressure controllers and liquid vaporization systems used throughout the cutting edge semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Mass Flow Control

HORIBA offer a wide variety of products for mass flow control in the form of controllers and meters. All our mass flow control products offer high accuracy and a fast response time. The range of gas flow controllers includes two types of sensors, pressure differential type and thermal type and various communication protocols; analogue, digital, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS® and EtherCAT®. Choose between the high precision piezo stack valve or the more traditional solenoid valve to control your process gas.

All metal seal or Viton™ seal are available depending on your gas or liquid compatibility requirements.

Ultra wide range devices with a turndown ration of 1000:1 are available.

Multi gas (where the user can program the gas type) and multi range (where the user can configure the flow range) are available for when you need flexibility. These multigas multi range flow controllers also reduce the amount of inventory you need to hold.

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Liquid Source Vaporization System

HORIBA is one of the leading providers of high performance vaporizers. HORIBA’s liquid source vaporizers are used throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process to safely and efficiently deliver liquid precursors in gas phase to the point of use. Wherever a liquid precursor requires vaporizing in vacuum or atmospheric pressure, HORIBA have a vaporizing technique to offer a vaporizer to meet your requirements. HORIBA have more than 30 years vaporizing knowhow using direct injection, mixed injection, bubbling and baking vaporization techniques.

HORIBA’s Liquid Source Vaporizers can vaporize liquid materials stably and efficiently. Our vaporizers can also be linked to HORIBA’s range of automatic refill systems to provide safe and continuous delivery of vapor to the point of use. There is no downtime as bulk precursor tanks can be exchanged without interrupting the manufacturing process.

Pressure Control 

HORIBA offer a choice of products within pressure control to monitor, regulate or control the pressure in a gas supply line.

HORIBA pressure control products include digital high performance pressure sensors and piezo valves. They can help eliminate the effects of cross talk caused by switching high flow lines.

HORIBA wafer cooling system uses helium gas to reduce heat damage and our exhaust pressure controller maintains a consistent level of pressure in a chamber.

Gas Generator Systems

HORIBA gas generator systems are suitable for many applications. Due to the integration of HORIBA’s own mass flow controllers within our mixed gas generator systems we are able to offer high performance and accuracy.

HORIBA products are suitable for generating combustion gases supplied to burners and other industrial purposes, as well as laboratory uses in biotechnology, e.g. atmosphere gas supply systems inside fermenters, and the food and beverage markets.

HORIBA also have test gas generator systems for evaluating the performance of various kinds of gas sensors as well as systems for generating simulated gases for evaluating catalysts. The gas generator systems can be bespokely designed for individual customer  needs.



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