Auto Soft


Intuitive Auto-Soft Interface for the Auto SE and Smart SE

The HORIBA Smart SE and Auto SE spectroscopic ellipsometers also include the easy-to-use Auto Soft interface designed for fast and easy routine thin film measurement and characterization.

Segment: Scientific
Division: Surface Characterization
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

All of HORIBA Scientific’s spectroscopic ellipsometers are driven by the powerful and advanced DeltaPsi 2 software.  The HORIBA Smart SE and Auto SE spectroscopic ellipsometers also include the intuitive Auto Soft interface, designed for fast and easy routine thin film analysis with just one push of a button.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fully automated data acquisition, modeling, and reporting through the use of experimental protocols
  • Complete analysis results in just seconds!
  • Includes over 50 pre-defined experimental protocols
  • Auto-calibration and built-in diagnostics
  • Ability to create multiple user accounts and to run in either operator or engineer mode

The Auto-Soft interface contains just four icons for easy navigation:  

System Control, Experimental Protocol, Data Management, and Maintenance.  Also included is an icon to directly link to the advanced DeltaPsi 2 software platform, which is included with every Horiba spectroscopic ellipsometer.   

Analyzing data with the Auto-Soft software consists of just three easy steps:

1. Load and align your sample using the system control screen

Control Smaple Alignement via the Auto Soft

2. Choose the experimental protocol which best suits your sample

Experimental protocol Auto Soft EB Picture Fr

3. Obtain a report of the analysis results in just seconds, complete with a user-defined pass-fail criteria

Report of analysis with Auto Soft

Powerful and Advanced DeltaPsi 2 Software Platform

The powerful DeltaPsi 2 software platform allows users to create or modify acquisition routines, models, and report templates for use in new or existing experimental protocols. DeltaPsi 2 also provides the user with more advanced functions designed to measure and characterize complex samples such as periodic structures, alloys, anisotropic layers, graded index layers, and much more! For more information on DeltaPsi 2, please click here.

1 - Load Sample

  • Automatic adjustment of the sample
  • Visualisation of the spot on the sample
  • Choose your measurement site

2 - Run MeasurementSelect your experimental recipe in the ready to use application

  • database.
  • Push the Run button.
  • Measure at a single position or multiple positions to map thin
    film uniformity

3  - Accurate Results

  • Clear table provides thickness, optical constants, film uniformity
    and other material properties of the sample.
  • Thin film result status: in or out tolerance limits
  • Automatic reporting.
  • Reprocessing capability.


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