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We contribute to the safety, quality improvement and operational efficiency of hydrogen stations with its gas analyzers that can measure impurities in hydrogen in real time, analyzer for hydrogen in metals, and expertise in hydrogen-related equipment istallation.

Hydrogen stations, which are on the rise worldwide, come in two types: on-site and off-site. On-site hydrogen stations are equipped to produce hydrogen from city gas, LPG, etc., while off-site hydrogen stations do not have such facilities and use trailers to transport hydrogen produced outside to the hydrogen station. On-site and off-site hydrogen stations differ in the method of supplying hydrogen, but compression, storage, and dispensing mechanisms thereafter are the same, and countermeasures against impurity gases and hydrogen embrittlement are required.


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"Measurement and Analysis" for Hydrogen Station Evaluation

Impurity Monitoring in Hydrogen Fuel Gas Production for FCVs

The expansion of hydrogen stations is necessary for the popularization of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs or FCEVs). ISO 14687-2 defines quality standards for hydrogen for FCVs and failing to comply with these standards leads to poisoning of the electrode catalysts of fuel cells, which can cause fuel cell degradation.
The purity of hydrogen supplied to FCVs is required by ISO to be at least 99.97%. When hydrogen is purified by reforming city gas at an on-site hydrogen station, impurities in the hydrogen has to be measured periodically.
We contribute to high-quality hydrogen production at on-site hydrogen stations with equipment that measures and monitors impurity gases (CO, CO2, sulfur components, etc.) in hydrogen in real time.

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Monitoring of Impurity in Hydrogen Gas for FCV
ISO14687 Hydrogen Fuel Quality Standards for FCV



Monitoring degradation of PSA packing material (adsorbent)  Process monitoring of PSA and other processes during hydrogen purification

Monitoring degradation of PSA packing material (adsorbent)  Process monitoring of PSA and other processes during hydrogen purification

Monitoring Degradation of PSA Packing Material (Adsorbent)

To increase the purity of hydrogen to 99.97% or higher, the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) method is used.
We provide a solution by measuring the concentration of impurities in hydrogen that contributes to monitoring the deterioration of adsorbents and other materials used in PSA.

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For Monitoring Impurities in Highly Concentrated Hydrogen: Trace Gas Analyzer GA-370


Evaluation of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Metals

Hydrogen is stored in high-pressure tanks made of metal. Hydrogen under high pressure causes embrittlement of metals that come into contact with it (hydrogen embrittlement), which limits the metals that can be used to prevent leakage accidents and parts with quality compatible with the countermeasures and processing for compatibility are required. In particular, the higher the strength and the harder the steel, such as high-strength steel, the higher the susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement.
Titanium, on the other hand, is being used as a hydrogen storage alloy.
HORIBA proposes an instrument to analyze hydrogen in metallic materials.

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Hydrogen Analysis in Steel
Determination of Low-concentration Hydrogen in Ti Alloys
Hydrogen Analyzer EMGA-921
Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer GD-Profiler2

For solutions for CFRP and resin evaluation, We can offer a wide range of solutions depending on the application. Please contact us for the details.

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