Hydrogen Energy

HORIBA’s solutions help our customers optimize their businesses across the hydrogen supply chain.
Our unique measurement technologies and analysis solutions provide robust data and insight which lead to innovation breakthroughs and improve operations.

HORIBA’s strength comes from a combination of our global reach; our cutting-edge measurement technologies; and our engineering and application knowledge.

Fuel Cells

Various performance evaluation technologies and engineering for fuel cells for mobility/stationary use

Hydrogen Engine

Measurement and evaluation of hydrogen and ammonia engines/turbines

Hydrogen Station

Improvement of safety, quality and operational efficiency of hydrogen stations

Water Electrolysis

Water electrolysis evaluation equipment for high-pressure storage of hydrogen

Hydrogen Production

Global engineering services for integration into hydrogen production processes

Carbon Recycling

We contribute to the development and diffusion of carbon recycling technology with our "measuring" technology.

Several energy vectors are being developed simultaneously with the aim of accelerating the global movement towards carbon neutrality. Hydrogen is one of these promising approaches. It’s clear there’s a high potential but it comes with a multitude of challenges across the supply chain.
HORIBA is developing solutions to help solve these challenges using our expertise and technologies.
Our extensive range of patented measurement technologies provide the clearest data to provide a foundation of understanding. This high accuracy data is then transformed into actionable insight using HOIRBA’s world class software and engineering services. The result is actionable insight so that our customers can adapt their business and solutions.

We’re here to support our customers in solving their technical challenges to help realize a society that smartly Produces, Stores and Uses energy.

Examples of our solutions include:

­ー Material evaluation and performance evaluation of fuel cells and electrolysis
ー Gas production process control
ー Hydrogen production quality evaluation

We are your analysis and measurement partner to realize a low carbon energy society.


Table of Contents:

Your Partner in Energy Policy and Regulation

HORIBA is your global partner with a deep understanding of energy policy and regulations.

Countries and regions are continually updating their decarbonisation policies based on technology advancements as well as economic modelling.
HORIBA has over 50 offices around the world. This global reach enables us to understand energy policies trends and the needs of each region, including Japan, the U.S., Europe and China. We have a good handle on the future direction of energy policy and can translate that into strategic insight for each region.
Regulatory bodies trust us to continually update our technology and provide new abilities and measurement thresholds. We offer guidance in the creation of new policies when technology plays a key part.

We therefore have a deep understand the global and local policy roadmaps and the technology trends. This insight combined with our cutting-edge measurement technology and engineering knowledge provides us our advantage.

Take a look at the latest trends based on our unique perspectives.

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HORIBA is Tackling Challenges Across Many Industries

HORIBA continually finds new energy applications for its technologies and develops new technologies to address new challenges.
We are working with our customers across several industries to solve problems and realize a new era of low carbon energy.
Hydrogen production in various industries involves gas separation, recovery, purification, and refining. Throughout these processes several gases and impurities need to be monitored and measure accurately, in real time in some cases.

In the automotive industry we make testing and measurement of all powertrain types more efficient, accurate and automated. This saves our customers development cost and reduces their time to market. Our Fuel Cell evaluators and powertrain test benches are designed specifically to support efficient development of Fuel Cell systems.

There are still many issues to be solved and HORIBA is constantly working to find better ways to optimise our customer’s operations.

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Why HORIBA: Cutting-Edge Science and Engineering Knowhow

Measurement Solutions to Reduce Cost and Maximize Efficiency

Reasons for choosing HORIBA = Global approach, Measurement technology, Engineering support to wisely Produce, Store, and Use Hydrogen and Energy

HORIBA’s cutting-edge science and engineering knowhow come together to create measurement solutions that drive down costs and maximise efficiencies.

Our high accuracy measurement technologies are born out of our passion for exploring new possibilities in science and engineering. The solutions that follow are created with our customer’s operations in mind.
Right now, multiple paths are being explored to move society towards a low carbon future. Hydrogen is one of those exciting paths.  HORIBA is proud to have measurement devices, software solutions and engineering knowhow to support our pioneering customers involved in this energy solution.

We develop solutions to respond to customers' challenges; From gas measurement, to material analysis; from plant monitoring, to the evaluation of batteries and fuel cells; from electric vehicle development to many other low carbon transportation modes.

HORIBA has over 50 offices worldwide. This global reach helps us to understand hydrogen and energy trends of each major region.

Find out more about our work with governments and regulatory bodies.

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