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EMC Analysis Service

EMC-Analysis and Checking the Mains Quality

The importance of mains analysis is becoming more significant due to the increase in consumers with non-unity power-factor loads in industrial complexes and the affect this has on the supply. Sudden and unexpected deviations from permitted operating conditions in the electrical network of distributors can lead to the impairment of supply toother consumers.

Even modern installations are not immune from supply fluctuation - almost any electrical equipment with a power supply can cause problems on the electrical supply network. The requirements on supply quality for industrial power systems have therefore increased considerably


Symptoms of a "poor" industrial power supply

  • Sporadic device malfunction
  • Lamp flicker
  • Device failure
  • Noisy signals
  • Transformer hum



  • Undisturbed mains operation of machines, plant and devices on the industrial supply
  • Elimination of the overheating of motors, reduction of hidden energy costs, increase of transformer capacity, elimination of phase shift in three-phase systems and unacceptable reactions from individual components.
  • Reduction of stray earth currents.
  • Elimination of device and component failure due to high voltage spikes.
  • Elimination of overheating or malfunction of devices caused by harmonics.



  • Examination and analysis of the industrial power supply
  • Preparing an analysis report with recommendations
  • Making a Fault Report identifying the causes of the problems
  • Action Plan