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X-ray Analytical Microscope Super Large Chamber Model

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X-ray Analytical Microscope (Micro-XRF)

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High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Handheld type]

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Large Flow Liquid Source Vaporization Control System

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Powerful and Cost Effective Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

more LU-4000 Series

POCl3 Auto Refill System

more Auto SE

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Simple Thin Film Measurement

more UVISEL Plus

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer from FUV to NIR: 190 to 2100 nm


A versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer covering a large range from VUV to NIR

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Mixed Injection System Liquid Vaporizer

more IR-300

Vapor Concentration Monitor

more SEC-N100 Series

Digital Mass Flow Controller

more SEC-8000 F/D/E Series

High Temperature Digital Mass Flow Controller

more MICROPOLE System

Compact Process Gas Monitor

more LF-F/LV-F Series

Digital Liquid Mass Flow Meters / Controllers

more LSC series

Compact Baking System

more LU Series

Liquid Auto Refill System

more MI-1000/MV-1000

Mixed Injection System Liquid Vaporizers

more VC Series

Direct Liquid Injection System

more SEC-Z500X Series

Multi Range/Multi Gas Digital Mass Flow Controller

more XGT-7200

X-ray Analytical Microscope

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X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer

more MESA-50

X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer