Quality Control Program

Online Interlaboratory Comparison Program

Our New On-Line Program Confirms and Validates your Internal Quality Control Results in Minutes!

This user friendly on-line peer program allows laboratories to check control performance real time at any point during the month.  Powerful reports such as the All Peer Comparison and the Performance Index are valuable management tools which can be created on demand or automatically via email delivery.  Peer group selection can be World or Country specific.  QCP is a valuable companion to HORIBA Medical's hematology and chemistry control products.


Segment: Medical
Division: Hematology
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA ABX SAS
Base product: Peri Analytical

Input QC results online
• Generate reports in Real Time
• Compare your results with those of your Peer Group
• Your own Specific Peer Group (Multiple Office Location)

Multiple Reports in Real Time
• All Peer Comparison
• Performance Index
• All Peer History
• Other Instrument Groups
• Levey-Jennings Charts
• Levey-Jennings Chart detailed


To get more information about subscription, please contact directly your HORIBA Medical local representative.

Quality Assurance Program
Quality Assurance Program
HORIBA is providing a full solution to answer the laboratory needs: the Quality Assurance Program (QAP), the Control Quality Program (QCP), the Quality Slide Program (QSP).

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