Science In Action

Welcome to Science in Action. Our new series showcasing how our technologies, our scientists, design and software engineers, and our solutions are applied to real-world situations. From drilling thousands of feet below the icy surface of Antarctica to exploring concepts of life on other planets, our stories will stimulate your imagination and open new possibilities in your own scientific endeavors.

Gang Han, Ph. D, the principal investigator at Han Lab

Gang Han, Ph.D.

Photodynamic Therapy – A Non-Toxic Way to Fight Cancer

Doctors can treat certain types of cancers with non-toxic light-emitting molecules, photosensitizers, and light. This is the essence of Photodynamic therapy, an up and coming treatment model for certain cancers. 

Alternative Light Sources and AFIS Help Identify Murder Suspects

fingerprint identified by an alternative light source

A motel room in Indian River County, Florida was about to become the scene of a homicide.

Finding Ancient Life Through Minerals on Earth and Beyond

Mineral distributions determined by Raman spectroscopy

Visualize slicing a rock so thin it’s transparent to the eye. That’s what Eric Ellison must do to study which minerals host life.

Killing Cancer with Lanthanides and Air

Lanthanide oxides

Imagine killing cancer cells with oxygen compounds. Then tracking the cancer’s metabolism with near ultraviolet light sources. That’s the potential result of the pioneering work by a team at the University of Nevada-Reno.

The Science of Food

Richard Ludescher from Rutgers University

This is the field of food science. Each food has its own unique food problem. And food scientists are responsible for designing ways to manufacture and preserve the quality and safety of those foods throughout its lifecycle.

Man of Science Follows Business Path

Andrew Whitley

The classically trained Ph.D. just won the prestigious Charles Mann Award from the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) for his body of work.

Museum’s Mineral Studies Improving Life

Aaron Celestian, Ph.D.

Large vaulted ceilings, old woodwork and stained glass dating back to the early 1900s overpowers you as you walk into the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Fine Wine-Making with the Help of HORIBA Tech

Wineries typically send out samples of the grapes to analytical labs to be tested on costly, hard to maintain equipment. 

Forensic Light Sources Nab the Suspects

CrimeScope CS-16-500W

Alternative light sources used by crime scene investigators help them identify evidence left by suspects at a crime scene.

Low Cost Solar Power on the Horizon

Solar Cells

A material unfamiliar to the masses may provide a huge leap in solar energy technology over the next few years.

Discovering the Origins of Life

Andrew Czaja

Andrew Czaja is a rock star. The University of Cincinnati geology professor studies paleobiology – the study of ancient life. 

An Act of Mercy in Baltimore

Part of that evidence collection was the use of an Alternative Light Source (ALS), like the ones made by SPEX Forensics, a Division of HORIBA Scientific. 

Versatile Aqualog Saves Chemical Costs at Treatment Plants

The primary role of a drinking water treatment plant is to provide clean drinking (disinfected) water.

Microplastics a Big Problem for the Environment

A common accessory - the plastic straw -  is contributing to a type of contaminant affecting our ecosystems, not to mention the human food chain.

Investigating Missing Carbon in Australian Caves

Prof. Andy Baker

Their destination was the Wombeyan Caves, a part of Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife Service. Their mission was to find missing carbon.

Duetta: Absorbance and Fluorescence - in the blink of an eye

Now, HORIBA Scientific has developed the perfect supplement for these highly capable research spectrofluorometers. 

SPEX Forensics Algorithms Used to Solve Cold Cases

PrintQuest™ Systems include both the Automated Fingerprint Identification and Automated Palmprint Identification capabilities.

In one case, using an innovation created by SPEX Forensics, a division of HORIBA Instruments, a suspect was subsequently linked by fingerprints to 32 different outstanding felony cases.

Elemental Analysis and a Cold Brew

That’s where elemental analysis comes in. It’s used in a number of industries, including metallurgy and power supplies for automobiles. It allows us to design vehicles that won’t corrode, fade or fall apart. 

Drilling Deep to Discover Life

This winter, John Priscu plans to drill thousands of feet below the frozen ice of Antarctica and expects to find living creatures. If he’s successful, it could help change the way we see our planet.


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