Jet Milling and Air Classification: The Secret to Ultrafine Particles

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Webinar Description

Grinding has a wealth of options to choose from depending on incoming and final particle size, material to be ground, volumes, and cost to process. Closely coupled with many grinding processes is a classification step where material that is not in the desired size range is removed for recycling or waste. 

An outline of grinding options will be discussed with advantages and disadvantages of different processes being considered. A short overview of the AVEKA Group will also be presented. The focus of this presentation will be on jet milling and air classification, starting with a description of the processes. Comparison examples to other grinding processes with different types of materials and their grinding characteristics, as well as examples showing how jet milling and air classification can be optimized for particle size and range, will be featured. Materials in this presentation will include ceramics, glasses, polymers, and carbon blacks as they are used in specialty chemical, battery, and additive manufacturing applications. 

AVEKA was founded in 1994 as a spin off from 3M as a particle processing company. The company has focused on developing and manufacturing particulate materials with novel and value-added attributes for the food and industrial markets. We are focused on spray drying, grinding, agglomeration and microencapsulation processes and are often faced with the need to choose the best processing method for an application. 

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