Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

Spectroscopic ellipsometry is a surface sensitive, non-destructive, and non-intrusive optical metrology technique widely used to determine thin film thickness and optical constants (n, k). Spectroscopic ellipsometry is ideal for a wide range of thin film applications from fields such as semiconductors, solar, optoelectronics, optical and functional coatings, surface chemistry, and biotechnology. For more information on thin film characterization and analysis using spectroscopic ellipsometry, please visit our Ellipsometry Academy, which will provide a tutorial, webinars and videos, and some FAQ’s to help you with your thin film analysis.

For over 25 years, HORIBA Scientific has provided a wide range of spectroscopic ellipsometers, working together with the powerful & intuitive DeltaPsi 2 software, and accessories designed to meet the needs of all users interested in characterizing and analyzing thin film samples. With a wavelength range from VUV to NIR and the capability to perform ex-situ, In-Situ and In Line in-situ, in-line, and large area spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements on all types of thin film samples, HORIBA Scientific’s spectroscopic ellipsometers provide the most sensitive ellipsometric measurements because of the use of stationary phase modulation technologies and the extensive experience in optics from Jobin Yvon. Feel free to contact us regarding your thin film measurement and analysis needs!

Studying perovskite solar cells with HORIBA Scientific equipment

With their ~20 % efficiency, hybrid perovskite solar cells are the new promising candidate for next generation photovoltaics. Thanks to the wide HORIBA Scientific portfolio, different techniques can be used to gain in depth knowledge on the optoelectronic properties and mechanisms of this class of materials. In this application note we decided to use spectroscopic ellipsometry, steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence and Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy to investigate the properties of CH3NH3PbI3 thin films deposited on a spin-coated PEDOT:PSS. The impact of the exposure to air was addressed.

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Optical characterization of CIGS by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

Discover the webinar from Dr Arnaud Etcheberry (ILV, Versailles, France)

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