Absorption Accessory

Add UV-VIS Spectrophotometry to your Fluorometer

HORIBA fluorometers have been recognized for their high sensitivity and ability to adapt to various applications due to their modular design. The addition of a simple absorption accessory enhances the performance and versatility of the instrument even more.

In many fluorescence experiments, it is necessary to know the absorption properties of the sample. The ABS-ACC absorption accessory from HORIBA fits directly into a cuvette sample holder and enables the user to measure the absorption spectrum, or check the optical density, of a liquid sample without reconfiguring the fluorometer.

Absorption measurements are complementary to fluorescence. They are necessary for fluorescence quantum yield determination, and more accurate results are usually obtained by using the same optical path for
both fluorescence and absorption measurements. The ability to check the optical density during a fluorescence experiment makes it easy to avoid inner filter effects. By comparing the absorption and excitation spectra, one can draw conclusions about the purity of the sample.

This absorption accessory is very easy to use and enhances a HORIBA fluorometer by offering more versatility. It eliminates the need for a separate, and often expensive, UV-VIS spectrophotometer.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

Inexpensive and easy-to-use accessory to achieve quality absorbance on HORIBA fluorometers

ABS-ACC, perfect to avoid Inner Filter Effect

  • The fluorescence intensity is proportional to the intensity of the light source (actually proportional to the absorbed light intensity).
  • The linear relationship between fluorescence intensity and concentration holds only for dilute solutions where absorbance is lower than ~ 0.1 OD.
  • At high concentrations, light absorption can make the measured fluorescence intensity lower than the true fluorescence emission: This is called the Inner Filter Effect (IFE).
  • As a consequence, IFE limits the linearity of the fluorescence signal at higher sample concentrations due to primary and secondary re-absorption of fluorescence.
  • The ABS-ACC accessory is the perfect tool to monitor the concentration of the samples to avoid the inner filter effect by easily determining if the absorbance is too high.
Sample holderCompatible with cuvette 10 x 10 mm path length cuvette
ReflectorWavelength range 0.20 to 2.00 μm
Minimum absorbance0.005
Maximum absorbance3.00
Mode of operationSingle beam
Wavelength rangeAccording to the Fluorometer configuration

The ABS-ACC absorption accessory is compatible with the following HORIBA fluorometers.

  • Fluorolog-QM™
  • Fluorolog®-3
  • Nanolog®
  • FluoroMax®


The ABS-ACC absorption accessory requires one of the following types of sample holder trays.

  • Standard room-temperature cuvette holder
  • Single position water jacketed cuvette holder
  • Single position thermo-electric cuvette holder

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