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For years, HORIBA Scientific’s OEM team has been the preferred, reliable and consistent supplier of OEM spectroscopy components. Our know-how in Raman (We are Number #1!) has made it into our miniature spectrometers and systems for portable Raman applications (Process control, Security, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Semiconductor…).

As an OEM solution provider, we only quote for OEM volume requirements with Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) starting in qty 50-100/year.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS


1. Ultra-stable OEM Raman Process Control System :

  • Rugged design for ultra-high stability and in-situ monitoring
  • Long exposure time
  • HORIBA Deep cooled CCD Camera
  • Wavelength : 785nm (532nm or 830nm in option)
  • Coverage : 150 to to >3200cm-1
  • Spectral resolution : <10cm-1
  • Demo unit available !



2. Miniature OEM Raman for Handheld Applications :

  • Very compact spectrometer
  • Uncooled or TE-cooled CCD
  • Wavelength : 785nm (532nm, 660nm or 830nm in option)
  • Coverage : 150 to to >3200cm-1
  • Spectral resolution : <10cm-1
  • Demo unit available !


3. Raman Gratings :

  • High efficiency gratings
  • Very low stray light
  • Long life time with qualification in harsh environment
  • Large choice of dimensions
  • >400 gratings reference
  • New custom master grating capability



4. OEM Raman Components :

  • OEM Raman Laser stabilized sources
  • OEM Raman Miniature Probes


To help us to check the best OEM solution for your project, please share your project details :

  • Application
  • Product/Material to analyze by Raman
  • OEM Raman product needed (gratings, spectrometers, …)
  • Wavelength
  • Coverage
  • Spectral resolution
  • Quantity/year
  • Environmental conditions

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