OEM Process Raman System

RAMAN Turnkey Systems (Flow cell, External Probes) or Customizable for YOUR application

For Process Applications

  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Semiconductor
  • Food & Beverage


*Available in select countries.

You can email OEM Technical Sales at: OEM.US(at)horiba.com or contact OEM at: +1.732.494.8660 Ext. 7733

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

Turnkey Systems or Customizable for YOUR application

System Highlights

  • Deep Cooled VIS-NIR Optimized CCD (-50 °C)
  • Internal Flow Cell coupled with HORIBA non-contact probe
  • External connection allows use of HORIBA non-contact probes or buy-in probes of any type (including immersion)
  • Internal Flow Cell Wetted Material: Quartz, PTFE, and PEEK only

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