SignatureSPM - Scanning Probe Microscope - Product picture
SignatureSPM - Scanning Probe Microscope - Product picture (removed cover)

Scanning Probe Microscope with Chemical Signature

Enhance AFM with Chemical Identification

SignatureSPM is the first microscope built on a multimodal characterization platform, integrating an automated Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with a Raman/Photoluminescence spectrometer, enabling true colocalized measurements of physical and chemical properties.
Through the combined physical and chemical knowledge obtained in a single, and real-time measurement, the researcher can obtain a reliable and comprehensive analysis of the sample, with a shortened time to knowledge as a result of lesser sample handling and a data acquisition of with a high confidence level, thanks to the correlation of difference measurements.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

Enhanced capabilities for complete characterization

All AFM modes included as standard

All AFM modes are included in the basic package of SignatureSPM: Kelvin Probe Microscopy, Piezo Response Force Microscopy, Magnetic Force Microscopy, Nanolithography, Force-curve Measurements.

Wide range spectrometer optimized for Raman and photoluminescence

Designed for spectroscopy imaging, the spectrometer of the SignatureSPM ensures minimal light loss with its achromatic design and impressive 95% light reflectivity. It provides a unique capability to perform accurate and efficient Raman and PL measurements thanks to its versatile design that can accommodate up to 3 gratings for a wide spectral range covering.

True co-localized measurements with "Probe away"

The software command "Probe away" moves the cantilever away from the sample's surface so that fully unobstructed confocal Raman maps can be obtained. With the "Probe back" command, the AFM tip will automatically return to its previous analysis point on the sample's surface.

Direct pathway to cantilever apex with high optical access

The optical pathways for AFM and spectroscopy are completely separated.
Such separation enables free choice of the Raman/Photoluminescence (PL) laser wavelength and simplifies the whole system adjustment. It also provides a very high magnification to visualize the AFM tip for better accuracy in positioning.

AFM for large scans and molecular resolution

The SignatureSPM offers exceptional AFM performance with stability and speed. thanks to its 100 x 100 x 15 micron-range scanner. It achieves large scans and molecular resolution, prioritizing stability through fast response time, low noise, low drift, and metrological traceability.

Quick and repeatable cantilever’s adjustment

Seamless tip exchange can be done regardless of the operator and with unmatched reproducibility. When the cantilever is replaced, the same spot on the sample surface can be easily found and scanned without any extra searching steps (within a few microns of repeatability).

Automated AFM registration system adjustment

Fully automated alignment of the laser, cantilever, and photodiode   is engineered for seamless integration with optical spectroscopy, and eliminates the need for user intervention.

No interference between AFM laser and spectroscopic measurements

The infrared AFM laser diode does not interfere with the visible Raman/PL excitation lasers and eliminates any parasitic influence on visible light-sensitive biological, semiconductor and photovoltaic samples.

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