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Vacuum Spectrometer - Toroidal Grating Spectrograph, coming from Synchrotron technologies

Based on a toroïdal grating design, the TGS (Toroïdal Grating Spectrograph) series are compact flat field spectrographs. In this design, the grating is fixed, which allows achieving a very good stability and compactness. Detector slides over the 40 mm exit flat field of the spectrograph. With a choice of three gratings (both master and replica) the TGS series covers a large VUV range from 9.5 to 170 nm.

The TGS300 is offered as standard, other models can be available upon request.


Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

•    Single Toroïdal Grating design
•    Choice of three gratings
•    Low astigmatism level
•    Fixed grating position
•     CCD flange adjustable in exit focal plane
•     Choice of master or replica gratings
•     Kinematic grating mount or two gratings slider
•     Compact design 
•    High Vacuum compatible



  • Optimized for throughput
  • Optimized spectral range and resolution
  • 40 mm Flat field spectrograph
  • Robust
  • In vacuum focus and central wavelength adjustment
  • Optimize damage threshold or cost
  • Interchangeable gratings 
  • Less room consuming and easy to install
  • 5 10-6 mbar) - Optional UHV operation (5 10-9 mbar)


Optical design

Toroïdal VLS Grating (fixed single optic)

Focal length

300 mm




2105 gr/mm : 9.5-32 nm

450 gr/mm : 10-110 nm

290 gr/mm : 15.5-170 nm

Optic coating

Pt or Au

Deviation angle



2105 gr/mm : 0.5 nm/mm at 9.5 nm

450 gr/mm : 2.3 nm/mm at 10 nm

290 gr/mm : 3.5 nm/mm at 15.5 nm


5 10-6 mbar (HV version)

5 10-9 mbar (UHV version)

Pumping flange


Entrance port

Micrometric slits (10 µm to 2 mm)

Entrance flange

DN40 KF (DN40 CF)

Exit port

Adjustable CCD port

Exit flangeDN100 CF

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