2021 AOAC Annual Meeting & Exposition

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Visit HORIBA Scientific in booth 508 at the annual 2021 AOAC Annual Meeting & Exposition in Boston, MA from August 27 - September 2, 2021.


Beginning: 08/27/21

End: 09/02/21

Join us at the 2021 AOAC Annual Meeting & Exposition in Boston, MA

Booth #508

HORIBA Scientific invites you to learn more about the A-TEEM method for rapid quantitative analysis. Learn how this novel approach (Absorbance-Transmittance Excitation Emission Matrix Spectroscopy) combines UV/Vis absorbance with fluorescence EEMs to deliver rapid results, even for complex mixtures. 

What makes A-TEEM unique?

  • Data acquisition in 30-45 seconds/sample
  • Simple sample prep
  • No standards, mobile phase, or stationary phase needed
  • Potency determination of 15 main cannabinoids
  • 100-fold lower material amounts required per analysis
  • LOD and LOQ comparable to HPLC and GC


More detailed information on the capabilities and results will be presented in the session, “Innovative Approaches for the Testing of Natural Products,” co-chaired by Adam Kuszak and Jana Hildreth, being held on Tuesday, August 31st at 8:15 AM.

  • Dr. Adam Gilmore will present “Automation of Natural Product Authentication and Adulterant Detection with A-TEEM Spectroscopy.”
  • Mostafa Elhendawy, from Dr. ElSohly’s Laboratory at the University of Mississippi – will present “A More Rapid and Sensitive Spectroscopic Alternative to Chromatography: Potency Determination of 15 Cannabinoids in Cannabis Varieties by A-TEEM.”  


Join us on Wednesday, September 1st at noon as we host an exhibitor presentation: "Rapid Analysis Doesn't Have to Take a Village; It Just needs A-TEEM."  Dr. Linda Kidder and Dr. Adam Gilmore will be on-hand to discuss a broader range of applications, including other natural products and food & beverages (wine, olive oil, cranberry), with expanded information on sample handling, validation of the technique following USP methods, as well as data analysis approaches. 

Receive a Starbucks gift card* when you stop by our booth #508and chat with one of our applications scientists!

See you in Boston!

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