HORIBA Virtual Exhibition

HORIBA proposes various solutions based on many years of experience and achievements.

Semiconductors are becoming more and more important every day, from devices that we are familiar with, such as smart watches and smartphones, to sensors that are essential for automated driving, to high-performance CPUs that enable AI.

The performance and functions required are diverse, and the challenges are also becoming more complex.

We hope that the various solutions we offer, based on our many years of experience and achievements, will help you solve these issues.


Chamber Health Monitoring

Compact Process Gas Monitor MICROPOLE System
  • Control the amount of raw material generated from the bubbler to stabilize the quality.

  • Monitor suitable for measuring residual gas in chambers.

Material Characterization

  • Chemical Mechanical Planarization

  • Quantum Dots

  • Material & Thin Film characterization

Mask Inspection

  • Quickly measure and review foreign matter adhering to reticles, blanks and pellicles

Endpoint Detection

  • Fast and accurate end point detection for process and cleaning.

  • Confirm end point for process that cannot be measured using other methods.

  • Confirm appropriate process endpoints from plasma emission.

Fluid Control

  • Fluid Measurement

  • Vacuum measurement


  • Continuous multi-point measurement of AMC without relying on the skills of manual analysis technicians.

  • Fast and accurate measurement of continuous samples.

  • Reduce sensor maintenance costs and man-hours.

  • Other Facility Management.

Chemical Concentration Monitoring

  • Capable of monitoring a wide variety of chemical concentrations, from high temperature chemicals to special chemicals.

  • Quantify the chemical concentration remove and solve!