ENDA-C9000 Stack Gas Analysis System


ENDA-C9000 series is a lineup of units for the continuous monitoring of residual NH3 contained in emissions from ammonia denitrification equipment. The HORIBA’s high end stack gas analysis system which is adapted to variety of fuels such as LNG, petroleum, coals, etc. are well-suited for denitration catalyst inspection, controlling NH3 injection volumes, the prevention of ammonium sulfate crystal formation facilities inspection, and process control. Enhanced operability, improved sampling skills for stable operation, developed sample gas pressure range, and excellent maintenance capabilities provide flexible performance to the extensive conditions and needs for precise measurement.


  • Color touch panel for intuitive operation

  • Capable of a minimum range of 0 ppm – 10 ppm for NH3 and NOX measurement with drift free Chemiluminescence method analysis

  • Magnetopneumatic O2 analyzer detector which avoids sample gas contact to keep itself clean and durable

  • Improved sample gas pressure control handles wide range of gas conditions

  • Enhanced maintenance functions including;
    ・ Parts life monitor
    ・ Trend chart
    ・ Self-diagnosis function
    ・ Data logging, etc.

    <Parts life monitor>

    <Trend chart>

    <Self-diagnosis events>



ENDA-C9000 Dimensional outline (mm)

측정 기술

■ Chemiluminescence method (NH3/NOx)
  • A single analyzer measures and calculates the NOX concentration
    that passes through each NOX line and NH3 line
  • High-precision measuement of NH3 and NOX in the minimum range of
    0 to 10 ppm is supported
  • Less interference effect from moisture and CO2
  • The analyzer can be used even if the concentration of NH3 exceeds
    that of NOX


■ Magnetopneumatic method (O2 analyzer)
  • Zero drift free
  • The detector has a long lifespan bacause sample gas does not
    come into contact with it