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02 Our Vision

What does “Joy and Fun”
mean for HORIBARIANs?

HORIBA is a team that approaches everyday with the spirit of our corporate motto, “Joy and Fun.” For our diverse team across the world, there is no single answer to what “Joy and Fun” looks like…… it means something different to everyone. We hope these words by HORIBARIANs will give some insight into what “Joy and Fun” truly means.

Sylvia Nie, HORIBA Instruments Inc.

“Joy and Fun” is our corporate motto, but I feel that it is a more fundamental concept. It touches upon the human condition.

Yuzuru Shoji, HORIBA Techno Service

“Joy and Fun” is not an answer, but a question. We need to keep exploring what “Joy and Fun” means to us as individuals.

Ifigenia Balkoura, HORIBA UK

Waking up in the morning, going to work eagerly and feeling happy is essential for us. “Joy and Fun” is a daily practice, and is present in everything that we do.


“Joy and Fun” spreads from one person to the next. When we, HORIBARIANs, embody this spirit, the people we work with, and society as a whole, will feel it too.

Maki Moriguchi, HORIBA Ltd.

“Joy and Fun” encourages us not to place limits on ourselves, as we have unlimited possibilities within us as human beings. By overcoming our unconscious walls and taking on new challenges, we can uncover a world we have not yet seen.

Masao Horiba, Founder of HORIBA

When I reflect upon the times when creative ideas came to me and results were achieved, they were definitely when I was working with “Joy and Fun.” There is no logic to why this happens, but I felt that if we can create a company where people work in this way, then our employees will be able to fulfill their potential. This is how our company motto “Joy and Fun” was born.

“Joy and Fun”
in Action

Co-creation for the future,
in collaboration with customers and society.