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02 Our Vision

What is “Joy and Fun?”


HORIBA’s corporate motto, “Omoshiro-Okashiku,” was created by our founder Masao Horiba in 1978, and was later translated into the English “Joy and Fun.” This was his philosophy in life, as well as in work and management.

“Joy and Fun” represents our desire to find meaning and purpose in our work which allows us to lead happy and fulfilling lives. We find “Joy” in what we do and make the most of the precious time we spend at work. To that end, HORIBA creates an environment where HORIBARIANs can work with a sense of “Joy and Fun.” Furthermore, we have found if we embrace our work with a sense of “Joy and Fun,” our ability to generate ideas increases, our imagination expands, our efficiency also rises, and corporate alignment increases. This results in a “win-win” relationship for customers, shareholders, suppliers, and the society.

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