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02 Our Vision

What does the future
look like?

Joy and Fun for All

For decades, HORIBARIANs, have embraced the spirit of “Joy and Fun.” We believe by being curious and passionate at work, we can make the most of our precious time, allowing us to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. With “Joy and Fun” in our hearts and minds, we have developed technologies which are now contributing to a sustainable planet, the health of diverse living beings, and enhanced technological development.

Our next pursuit is to contribute to an improved quality of life for all living beings, both now and in the future. Through our solutions, we aim to contribute to a world where all living beings can exercise their potential to the fullest and live in harmony with one another.

When we imagine this future, we thought the ethos of “Joy and Fun” should not only belong to us, HORIBARIANs. What if we could share this spirit with our partners and society, and together, unleash the unique potential of all living beings? When each HORIBARIAN embraces “Joy and Fun” and shares it within and beyond HORIBA, we believe all living beings will not only live, but thrive, radiating vitality from within.

“Joy and Fun”
in Action

Co-creation for the future,
in collaboration with customers and society.