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01 Our Story

What has been HORIBA’s
journey to the present?

Our measurement and analysis technologies
have moved the world forward.
Our measurement
and analysis technologies
have moved the world forward.

Masao Horiba, an engineer and our founder, believed in the power of “Joy and Fun.” He realized that by being curious and passionate at work, we can make the most of our precious time, allowing us to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Through this, we can unleash our unique potential as living beings.

Created with this insight, our measurement and analysis technologies have served as a compass for the world – allowing us to understand our present, and make key decisions for a healthier, more sustainable, and better future.

We believe, when our diverse team of HORIBARIANs across the globe works with curiosity and passion, we can continue to create one-of-a-kind innovations.

We can contribute to a sustainable planet, the health of diverse living beings, and improved technological development. Our solutions will enhance quality of life for all.

With quality of life fulfilled, we aspire for all living beings to not only live, but thrive! For decades, HORIBARIANs have been energized by “Joy and Fun,” and now, we wish to share this spirit beyond ourselves.

We will continue in our pursuit to create a better future, with “Joy and Fun” in our hearts.

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“Joy and Fun”
in Action

Co-creation for the future,
in collaboration with customers and society.