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04 Our Values

What guides us forward?

“Spirit of Challenge”
“Reliability and Trust”
“Pursuit of Excellence”

“Spirit of Challenge,” “Reliability and Trust,” and “Pursuit of Excellence” serve as our guiding principles as we continue creating unique solutions.

HORIBARIANs have always been driven by an eagerness to take on challenges. With curiosity and passion in our hearts, we take on those challenges like entrepreneurs. We are unafraid of mistakes, and see them as opportunities to keep on trying and learning.

With respect for all and an open mind, we communicate and collaborate actively with people around the world. We provide reliable solutions and take on each mission and task with sincerity.  It is through these actions that we gain trust as a true partner.

In our quest to create “HONMAMON," we never stop learning and pushing ourselves to refine our expertise. We strive to exceed expectations and create one-of-a-kind value that only we can deliver.

“Joy and Fun”
in Action

Co-creation for the future,
in collaboration with customers and society.