Gas monitoring Power Plant

For the stable operation of power plants and supply of electricity

Meeting electricity demand requires the stable operation of power plants, stable supply of electricity, and more accurate management of combustion efficiency. HORIBA is contributing to the analysis of the power generation process with its extensive product lineup ranging from stack gas analysis needed for the power generation process to the waste water treatment.

 ApplicationMeasurement ComponentsModel
1Combustion efficiency management by O2 measurementO2NZ
2Combustion efficiency management by COmeasurementCOENDA
3NOx measurement after denitration processNOxENDA
4NH3 measurement after denitration process for controling ammonium additive amountNH3ENDA
5SO2 measurement after desulfurization  processSO2ENDA
6Stack gas measurement after denitration and desulfurization  processNOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2ENDA
Dust measurement DustEM-D
7For intermittent measurement instead of ENDANOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2PG



Particle Size Applications for Power Plants

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