Support for the Development of Society's Next Generation

Hands-on classes for students

Based on HORIBA's wish to show children how interesting and important the science of measurement is, in 1994 the company started a program in which it enlisted employees to give talks at schools and events. HORIBA provide hands-on classes with the theme of “Measuring is Seeing”. We hope that some of these students may go on later in life to work with analytic technology.

Learning Craftsmanship through a Video

Because many kids' events and visiting lectures at schools were canceled in 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19, we created a how-to video titled "Let's Make Your Very Own Thermometer" to provide children with hands-on activities. The video has been played in classes at elementary schools and online events for children, with a total of some 200 children watching the video as of February 2021.

HORIBA will continue providing many different opportunities for children, in whose hands the future lies, to feel the joy of science and craftsmanship.

HORIBA Supports SDGs Forum for High School Students

HORIBA Supports SDGs Forum for High School Students

The Kansai University Senior High School holds an annual SDGs Forum, a special class on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as part of its “inquiry learning.” HORIBA supports this educational opportunity by organizing a working session.

At the last session, students each chose a topic of main interest from the 17 sustainable development goals to engage in a discussion relating to their chosen topic with people from supporting businesses and organizations. HORIBA will remain committed to supporting such initiatives, with the hope that the younger generations of this country will take the lead in realizing a sustainable society and play an active role in the global arena.

"Engineering Design Exercises" at the National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College

"Engineering Design Exercises" at the National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College

Since 2011, HORIBA and the National Institute of Technology (NIT) at Maizuru College have co-sponsored "Engineering Design Exercises" for students of the college. As part of the NIT program designed to utilize the experience of corporate engineers, etc., this annual event provides the students with opportunities in a classroom setting to learn about HORIBA's business process from product development to shipment, with the aim of offering them a preview of practical training given by private enterprises. As they listen attentively to lectures and try their hand at making things, it is hoped that the students will grow interested in manufacturing and choose engineering as a career.

Support for "The Toy Contest in KYOTO"

Support for "The Toy Contest in KYOTO"

Since 2006, based on a wish to further stimulate children's interest in manufacturing, HORIBA has annually supported "The Toy Contest in KYOTO" sponsored by the Kyoto City board of education, where children attempt to create the best moving toys to win the grand prize. In this contest, which aims to cultivate children's creativity, initiative, and sociability, fourth- to sixth-grade elementary school students enter with moving toys that they have made themselves (toys designed after race cars) and compete with one another in terms of speed, distance, motion, design, and so on. Among other supporting companies, which grant awards, HORIBA offers the HORIBA, Ltd. Award, which recognizes excellent design, an indispensable element of manufacturing.

Display at Kyoto Manabi no Machi Ikikata Tankyukan ("Kyoto City of Learning Career Education Center")

The Kyoto Manabi no Machi Ikikata Tankyukan ("Kyoto City of Learning Career Education Center") was established by the Kyoto City Board of Education through business-academic-government collaboration in 2007 to provide career education to elementary school children and junior high school students so as to foster their perspectives on work and occupations. Dr. Masao Horiba, the founder of HORIBA, Ltd., became the first director. He later served as the honorary director from 2010 to 2015.

The center features the Kyoto Monozukuri no Dendou ("Kyoto Monozukuri Hall of Fame") as a permanent exhibition. Panel displays and interactive demonstration booths introduce the latest technologies as well as the efforts and passions of founders and scientists of Kyoto-based monozukuri companies (17 manufacturers).

The HORIBA booth introduces the story of how Dr. Masao Horiba founded the company and features an interactive demonstration of temperature measurement using a radiation thermometer. At the center's Monozukuri Kobo ("Monozukuri Studio"), participating companies teach practical monozukuri lessons. For example, current and former HORIBA employees teach how to create a thermometer. We will continue to actively collaborate in preparing displays and providing workshop classes with the hope of helping children deepen their thoughts about their future and dreams and to become motivated to achieve their dreams by exposure to the latest technologies as well as the ways of life and passions of founders of Kyoto-based monozukuri companies.