Automatic Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (On-line TOC analyzer)

HORIBA's on-line water quality monitor

As part of HORIBA's on-line water quality analyzer lineup dedicated to safeguarding global water quality through analytical technology, a precise and reliable total organic carbon analyzer has been developed.
On-line water quality monitoring contributes to the efficiency improvement of wastewater management.
To meet a wide range of measurement needs and the demands of challenging environments, our system is equipped with highly scalable hardware and user-friendly software.


Optinal features

Подразделение: Water Pollution
Производитель: HORIBA Tocadero GmbH

1200°C combustion oxidation method

- No catalyst required
- Capable of handling high-concentration samples ranging from 0 to 20000 mg/L C with its high oxidative decomposition power.
(However, it may vary depending on the measurement environment and sample characteristics.)
- Compatible with a wide range of applications.
- Less prone to furnace blockage even with high concentration and high salinity samples.

Achieves high-speed processing

Total Carbon (TC): Minimum 1 minute, Non-Purgeable Organic Carbon (NPOC): Minimum 3 minutes
*May be affected by installation conditions, sample water conditions, and settings.

Continuous and stable measurements can be achieved

Through monitoring device status with each sensor, we are approaching Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).
*May be affected by installation conditions, sample water conditions, and settings.

Reduction of residue effects

Incorporating functions to reduce residue effects and an automatic cleaning feature using pure water, allow the system to respond effectively during flow path switching or concentration fluctuations.
*May be affected by installation conditions, sample water conditions, and settings.


Measurement ranges–1 0 ppm, 0–1 00 ppm, 0–1 .000 ppm, 0–1 0.000 ppm (optional: 0–1 00.000 ppm)
Limit of detection0,1 ppm
Cycle time TOC(NPOC) < 3 min.
Cycle time TC/TOC 1 min.
Repeatability± 2 % end-of-range
TDSup to 200 g/l (20% NaCl)
Particles< 2.000 microns (optional: homogenizer and sample preparation)



Weight< 55 kg
Dimensions800 H × 600 W × 320 D mm
PowerAC 110 – 230V ±10V, 50/60 Hz, Approx. 600 VA
Carrier gasCO2 free instrument air



Indoors2 – 45 °C
Relative humidity< 85 % (no condensation)
HousingIP 54, IP 65 (optional: NEMA4X)
Ex p-EnclosureZone 1/2, T3 and T4, ATEX & IECEx



Display7“ Touch Panel
Supported protocolsOPC UA, Ethernet, Profinet,Modbus
CommunicationBluetooth, WLAN, GSM, 5G
Relays4 programmable - NAMUR standard
LanguagesGerman, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean

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