Large Flow Liquid Source Vaporization Control System LE Series


A high-flow high-efficiency liquid vaporizer with flow channels and heater elements embedded in a cast aluminium block to ensure maximum heat transfer and the elimination of cold spots / condensation risk. Can operate up to 300 deg C. and vaporize up to 30g/min of IPA (or equivalent). 


  • Innovative design maximizes vaporization rate
  • New injector nozzle ensures consistent liquid injection which contributes to stable vapor output concentration
  • All stainless steel, fully swept flow path for maximum corrosion resistance and minimum particulate generation
  • Compatible with many types of precursors materials

Hergestellt von HORIBA STEC


Application liquid


Please contact HORIBA if you require vaporizing any liquid materials that are not listed here.

Maximum vaporization volume (gas flow rate)

H2O : 10g/min (12.4 SLM)
IPA : 30g/min (11.1 SLM)
TEOS : 50g/min(5.3 SLM)
SiCl4 : 130g/min(17.1 SLM)