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Particle Calibration Laboratory Oberursel
|   Press Release

HORIBA expands its particle calibration laboratory in Oberursel

HORIBA increases laboratory space from 50 to 105 square meters to meet increased service requests. Increased capacity enables even more flexible...

|   Press Release

HORIBA develops world’s first LIDAR test system

Market novelty allows LIDAR testing in anticipation of the UN Level 3 Regulations for partially autonomous vehicles to enter force in January 2021. ...

|   Press Release

HORIBA expands altitude testing capabilities

New generation of MEDAS (Multi-Function Efficient Dynamic Altitude Simulation) significantly improves altitude testing.

New MEDAS HD allows for...


Purchasing Philosophy of HORIBA Europe

HORIBA Europe GmbH are looking for supply partners with an innovative spirit and commitment to work with us to continuously improve our products and competitiveness, to our customers benefit. The basis of a long term relationship to our partners is built on quality, reliability, in time delivery and an attractive price performance ratio. We expect DIN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications as well as compliance with relevant rules and regulations.

HORIBA Europe GmbH's standard terms and conditions of purchase can be downloaded from the links found on the right hand side of this page.


General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Services of HORIBA Europe GmbH Automotive Test Systems Germany

HORIBA Europe GmbH's standardized general terms and conditions for deliveries and services can be downloaded from the link below. (Germany - Automotive Test Systems)


Delivery and Shipment Instructions

HORIBA Europe GmbH is obligated to comply with the applicable laws and regulations. The regulations below function as the basis for our suppliers and logistics partners for guaranteeing correct packaging, labeling and delivery. The regulations below are based on normal demands between cargo and transport.



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