6122 series

Gel-filled Self-Cleaning pH Electrode

Wastewater treatment and control requires adequate continuous pH analysis to meet with individual local regulations.  This gel-filled self-cleaning pH electrode enables reducing user’s maintenance frequencies and cost of time.  This electrode incorporates photocatalysis effect in order to prevent the organic contaminates on the surface of the glass responsive membrane.  Our patented unique technical details follows later.  The effect varies depending on the water sample quality and analysis environment.

*The effect varies depending on the customer's usage environment. Effective against organic stains.

JP Patent No.5121012
JP Patent No.4824609
JP Patent No.4876123
JP Patent No.6603135
JP Patent No.4857281
JP Patent No.7014652

Abteilung: Process Water
Produktionsfirma: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Self-cleaning Mechanism

The pH-responsive glass membrane is coated with porous TiO2 and irradiated with UV light from within the electrode. This process activates the TiO2 coating, resulting in photocatalytic hydrophilicity and the formation of a water film (hydrophilic layer) on the surface, effectively preventing the adhesion of organic contaminants.
Furthermore, the activated TiO2 facilitates the radicalization of water (H2O) and oxygen, enabling the disintegration of organic contaminants adhering to the external surface of the electrode.


Installation Image

e.g. Immersion Type

product nameGel-filled Self-Cleaning pH Electrode
Format6122S (Immersion holder type/ Flow through type/ Drop-in holder type)6122SA (Direct screw-in thread)
Measurement range0 – 14 pH ※1
Measuring solution conditionTemperature range0 ~ 40 ℃ ※2
Pressure range0 ~ 0.1 MPa
Electric conductivity range500 μS/cm or more
Electrode structureGRT composite electrode
Liquid junction structureOpen pore
Reference electrode internal liquidWater-insoluble polymer gel Potassium chloride supersaturated
Wetted materialGlass, TiO2
Cable length5 m / 10 m
Terminal agreementSquare destination opening crimp terminals (4 mm) G, S, R, T, T, E, LED+, LEDPt
Temperature compensation element1000 Ω (at 0 ℃)
Standard accessories・Instruction manual
・Electrode packing
・Holder cap
・Instruction manual
Adaptive transmitterHP-200/ HP-300/ HP-480 series / HP-960FTP
Relay boxCT-302
Compatible holder/adapter・CH-101 series (Immersion type)
・CF-251 series (Flow through type)
・NH-10 series (Drop-in) ※3
・Direct screw-in thread (S-R3/4-SUS-6122SA, S-NPT3/4-SUS-6122SA) ※4

・6122S and 6122SA electrodes are resistant against organic foulants. Inorganic foulants may not be effective.
・Even an organic foulants may not be effective for clean water where algae is likely to grow, or for samples containing solid oils and fats. Also, fine particles of alumina or zirconia may scrape the photocatalyst, the antifouling may not be possible.
・When using this electrode, a relay box with a constant current source (CT-302) and a relay cable (C-5A) are required separately

※1 Composite type pH electrode 6108 is recommended when a high accuracy is required for strong acid and strong alkaline aqueous solutions.
※2 At sample temperatures above 30 °C, the electrode life will be shortened.
※3 An adapter is required when using the 6122S as a drop-in type.
※4 A direct screw-in thread adapter is required when using the 6122SA as a direct insertion type.


product nameRelay box with constant-current souce
Operating temperature range-20°C to 55°C (Do not freeze)
Operating humidity rangeRelative humidity 5% to 90% (Do not freeze)
Storage temperature-25°C to 65°C
Storage temperature100 V to 240 V AC±10% (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption8.0 VA (Max)
StructureOutdoor installation type: IP65 ※6
Mounting method: 50 A pole or wall mounting
Case: Aluminum alloy
Mounting bracket: SUS304
Mass3.0 kg (Does not include U-bolt)
LED current output (switched by SW)0 mA, 50 mA, 100 mA, 150 mA, 200 mA (Initial value: 100 mA)
External dimensions180 (W) ×234 (H) ×170 (D) mm (Does not include U-bolt)
Compatible electrode6122 series

※6 About protection class (IP rating)
IP65: Dust-proof and waterproof protection from water jets only apply when all the cable glands are tightly screwed, and the cables/seal pins are tightened.


External Dimensions (unit: mm)





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