Field-installation type intrinsically safe explosion-proof pH meter

Compliant with explosion-proof specification Exia II C T4 and protection class IP65.

As a continuous water quality measurement system for pH in explosion-proof areas, the durability of the sensor has been improved, the reliability of the converter has been enhanced, and a new jet brush cleaner has been added to the lineup. Providing safety in water quality measurement in environments where explosive gases may be present, such as oil refineries and chemical plants.


Abteilung: Process Water
Produktionsfirma: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Commercially available intrinsic safety barriers can be used

When using this device in explosion-proof areas, it is necessary to use a distributor for the connected power supply and install an intrinsic safety barrier in front of the hazardous area. Please ensure that the intrinsic safety barrier is compliant with explosion-proof standards.

Featuring a robust aluminum die-cast case

Weather resistance and noise resistance are improved.

Equipped with a comprehensive self-diagnosis function for the sensor

Cracks in the glass electrode, temperature sensor disconnect/short circuit, reduced sensitivity, potential asymmetry, and calibration errors can be detected immediately.


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