Interface level meter

Measure the sludge interface ultrasonically. Automation of sedimentation tank management is supported.

Sludge extraction operations in sedimentation tanks are critical in wastewater treatment plants and wastewater management. The interface level meter SL-200B accurately measures the sludge interface using the non-contact supersonic wave pulse reflection method, supporting efficient management and automation of operations, such as remote monitoring and control, contributing to increased work efficiency. The display unit utilizes color-coded graph visualization to provide a clear and visual representation of the sedimentation status. This contributes to efficient sludge extraction operations.


Abteilung: Process Water
Produktionsfirma: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Displaying interface conditions clearly with color images

The interface conditions are displayed clearly and visually with color images. There are two types of displays: one is a graph that represents the current interface condition, and the other is a trend display that shows the temporal changes. With the ability to intuitively grasp changes in depth and interface conditions, it supports easy and convenient management for anyone to use.

Being non-contact, it allows for flexible installation in any location

The transmitting and receiving sensors utilize ultrasonic transmission, with no moving or vibrating parts, allows for easy installation in a wide range of locations, as long as there is approximately 60 cm of space around the sensor. Additionally, since it is a non-contact measurement using ultrasound, there is a sufficient distance between the sensor and the interface, eliminating concerns of accidents such as raking.  (Note: It is recommended for the sensor to be installed away from the sludge inlet.)


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