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READOUT is a technical journal issued by HORIBA. The name "READOUT" represents our sincere desire - helping readers understand the company's proprietary products and technologies by offering information about them. Since its first issue in July 1990, the journal has been published biannually.

Readout No. E53

2019 Masao Horiba Awards – Advanced Analytical and Measurement Technologies for Efficient Control System to Maximize the Performance of Electric Power and Batteries Usage

Readout HORIBA Technical Reports October 2019 No. 53
Created by Editorial Office | |   Technical report

Readout HORIBA Technical Reports October 2019 No. 53

The theme of 2019 Masao Horiba Award is the fundamental technologies of energy and mobilities industries that are essential to our future. The...

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Contents:Readout HORIBA Technical Reports October 2019 English Edition No. 53
Created by Editorial Office | |   Technical report

Contents:Readout HORIBA Technical Reports October 2019 English Edition No. 53 ...

2019 Masao Horiba Awards: Advanced Analytical and Measurement Technologies for Efficient Control System to Maximize the Performance of Electric Power...

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Juichi SAITO Executive Vice Chairman & Group COO HORIBA, Ltd.
Created by Juichi SAITO* | |   Technical report

Foreword: Our Contribution to the Society of Sustainable Energy

*Executive Vice Chairman & Group COO, HORIBA, Ltd.


For many years, HORIBA has contributed to the development of advanced engines and powertrain...

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Necessary and sufficient modeling for new engineering
Created by Keijiro IWAO* | |   Technical report

Review of 2019Masao Horiba Awards: Advanced Analytical and Measurement...


Advanced control technologies are required to stabilize power supply and demand especially grid system using renewable energy such as...

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Created by Editorial Office | |   Technical report

2019 Masao Horiba Awards

The Masao Horiba Award was established in 2003, to support scientists and experts who are devoting themselves to research and development that will...

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Created by Yoash LEVRON* | |   Technical report

Award Winnerʼs Article: Optimal Control of Energy Storage Devices for Future...

*Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Two challenges of modern power systems are the increasing integration of renewable energy sources and the...

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Illustration for the proposed machine learning based and multi-agent system based control and optimization approaches for energy grids
Created by Nguyen Dinh HOA* | |   Technical report

Award Winnerʼs Article: Machine Learning based and Multi-Agent System based...

*Kyushu University

Paradigm shifts on energy generation, consumption, storage, and trading, due to the deep penetration of renewable and distributed...

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Illustrative example (mass-spring-damper system)
Created by Ichiro MARUTA* | |   Technical report

Award Winnerʼs Article: Development of Parameter Sensitivity Plot and...

*Kyoto University

In this paper, we propose the normalized parameter sensitivity plot as a new tool for analyzing the difficulty of parameter...

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Created by Kei HASEGAWA* | |   Technical report

Honorable Mention Winnerʼs Article: Application and Management of Hydrogen...

*Tokyo Institute of Technology

The renewable energy-based energy mix is strongly desired, but the gap between the electricity demand/supply will...

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Machine learning algorithm implemented in real battery system
Created by Matthias PREINDL (Winner)* | |   Technical report

Honorable Mention Winnerʼs Article: High-Fidelity State-of-Charge Estimation of...

Matthias PREINDL (Winner)*, Weizhong WANG, Nicholas W. BRADY, Chenyao LIAO, Youssef A. FAHMY, Ephrem CHEMALI, Alan C. WEST

*Columbia University in...

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Main components and structure of lithium ion battery
Created by Akira YOSHINO* | |   Technical report

Guest Forum: Current Situation of a Lithium Ion Battery and Future

*Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Evaluation Center (LIBTEC)

A lithium ion battery is small and lightweight secondary batterie, and has greatly...

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Dual Vee model of development process for an engine system
Created by Hidekazu NISHIMURA* | |   Technical report

Guest Forum: Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) - “To Measure” and “To...

* Dean of Graduate School of System Design and Management Keio University

In recent years, products and services have become extremely complex, and...

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Created by Kuniaki TATSUMI* | |   Technical report

Guest Forum: Trends Changes in Energy Technology

* National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Total energy consumption in Japan has gradually decreased since 2000;...

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Created by Takashi WASHIO* | |   Technical report

Guest Forum: Co-evolution of Measurement Oriented Information Processing...

*Osaka University

With the advent of the IoT society, there is an increasing need for measurement techniques that use the principle of complex...

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100% Renewable Energy Grid
Created by Scott SAMUELSEN* | |   Technical report

Guest Forum: The Merging of Two Environmentally-Driven Paradigm Shifts in Energy...

*University of California Irvine (UCI)

The environmental challenges of Climate Change and degraded Urban Air Quality are driving paradigm shifts in...

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Created by Manabu IHARA* | |   Technical report

Guest Forum: Toward the Development of Next Generation “Ene-Swallow” as a Grid...

*Tokyo Institute of Technology

After the Paris agreement, each country has to highly reduce CO2 emission to prevent global warming. Because the power...

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The CIA Triangle
Created by Madeline CHEAH* | |   Technical report

Feature Article: Cybersecurity of Battery Management Systems

Madeline CHEAH*, Richard STOCKER*


Automotive cybersecurity is a challenge that must be considered as part of the vehicle...

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Illustration of ageing mechanism interactions in Li-Ion cells
Created by Richard STOCKER*1 | |   Technical report

Feature Article: Considering Li-Ion Battery Cell Ageing in Automotive Conditions...

Richard STOCKER*1, Puneet MATHUR*1, Asim MUMTAZ*2, Neophytos LOPHITIS*3

*1 HORIBA MIRA Ltd., *2 University of Liverpool, *3 Coventry University


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EEM measurement result of 1M LiPF6 in EC/DMC/EMC (3:3:4 v/v%) at 25℃ (a), and 75℃ kept for 45 hours (b)
Created by Jun HIROSE* | |   Technical report

Feature Article: Analytical Evaluation of a Lithium Ion Battery Using...

* HORIBA, Ltd.

HORIBA has been developed analytical instruments and applications for investigating a battery internal conditions and reactions with...

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Humidification method;
Created by Yasunari HANAKI*1 | |   Technical report

Topics: Evaluation Technologies for Battery and Fuel Cell

Yasunari HANAKI*1, Carsten Krüger*2

*1 HORIBA, Ltd., *2 HORIBA FuelCon GmbH

Due to the ongoing concern about the environment, the automotive...

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Created by Ishida KOZO* | |   Technical report

Column: FuelCon and Relationship with Dr. Rudolf Herrmann and Dr. Karin Herrmann...

* HORIBA, Ltd.

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Schematic diagram of the equilibrium state of iCa, pH and albumin in blood with temperature change
Created by Rika UTSUMI* | |   Technical report

Selected Article: On-site Quick Measurement of Calcium Ion in Blood of Dairy Cow...

* HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd.

Hypocalcemia due to decreases of calcium ions (iCa) in blood of dairy cows is a common disease that affecting...

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Created by Cary Joseph DAVIES*1 | |   Technical report

Product Introduction: A New Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer Providing...

Cary Joseph DAVIES*1, Masahiro OGUCHI*2

*1 HORIBA Instruments Inc.,*2 HORIBA, LTD.

In 2018, the HORIBA Instruments Fluorescence Division introduced...

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Created by Jun MORITA* | |   Technical report

Product Introduction: Development of Gas Analyzer for Metal Hardening Process...

* HORIBA, Ltd.

We developed FA-5000/5200 series as the gas analyzer used in a metal hardening process, MPA-5000 as the gas analyzer used in an iron...

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