CC-55 Imaging Spectrometer

CC-55 Imaging Spectrometer

CC-55 Imaging Multichannel Spectrometer - Simultaneous acquisition 10-26 Fiber Inputs (with diameters in the range of 100-400 mic) Interline CCD, may allow a shutter-free set-up (Call us) Line imaging on tall Sony ICX285AL CCD.

Segment: Scientific
Division: OEM

The CC-55 CCD Imaging Spectrometer features a Type-I grating (equidistant and parallel grooves) and a very low noise Interline Front illuminated CCD with 1360 x 1024 pixels. The readout noise is below 8e-. The CCD can be binned 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 or can allow Regions of Interest, such as: 20 rows(ROI) of interest and 21 rows(ROI) of separation areas. The spectrograph, when connected to fiber input channels, will collect all light at F/2.3, and depending on the selected slit width, the spectral resolution will be in the 2.5 to 7 nm range. The spectral coverage over a 5.5 mm detector length, is typically 380nm to 760nm, but adjustments to extend the range, up or down, can be made. Cross-talk is minimized (in the 0.2 to 0.5% range depending on number of fibers and their size) and stray light is very low. Multiple fiber inputs with 100 mic diameter allow you to monitor 20 channels simultaneously, without the use of a shutter, or without having to turn-off the light sources, during readout. The speed in such configuration can reach 10Hz (30-40Hz alo achievable). If Sequential acquisition is acceptable, the CC-55 is capable of up to 32 channels with large fibers (600 mic)!! Dark Current: 1.2 electron / pixel / second (when CCD temperature is stabilized at 20°C).

  • Maximum Full Well: ≈18,000 electrons max, ≈21,600 electrons max when binning.
  • Dynamic Range: 2000:1 typical (un-binned mode).
  • Intensity resolution: 16 bit.
  • Maximum Full Well: ≈18,000 electrons max, ≈21,600 electrons max when binning.
  • Dynamic Range: 2000:1 typical (un-binned mode).
  • Intensity resolution: 16 bit.

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