GIANT 9000 Series

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Brake Test Systems

The major test target is to detect noise and vibrations generated by the vehicles brake. Our intention was to build a dynamometer that can operate either with brakes mounted to the complete vehicle, or with just the axle module mounted to a universal adaptor system or wheel suspensions.

By means of this dynamometer, the brakes can be exposed to either stop brakings or endurance brakings according to standardized NVH test matrix. 



Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Mechatronics

Standard Features

  • Machine base frame with vibration insulation
  • 48" roller set with special bearings and emergency brake
  • Dynamometer cover and noise encapsulation
  • Fixing system for passenger car & van
  • AC-drive motor and AC/DC power converter
  • Control system for hydraulic braking pressure or braking torque
  • Control system for electrical inertia simulation
  • Control system for electrical vehicle physics simulation
  • Basic measuring system for pressure/torque/speed/temperature
  • Logical dynamometer control with Siemens PLC
  • Computer system for automated testing
  • Safety devices



  • Exact road simulation
  • Highly accurate test speed and tractive force measurement
  • Quick control of tractive force
  • Protection of tires due to large roller diameter
  • Excellent reproducibility of test results
  • Tests according to worldwide known standards 
  • Easy to service



  • Technical examinations of noise and vibration on brakes, installed in complete passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
  • Realistic processing of NVH problems in the brakes in connection with the completed vehicle
  • Examination of noise and judder
  • Examination of creep and groan in vehicles with automatic transmission
  • Testing of damping measures such as noise shims or coating of the friction linings
  • Testing of complete brake units for passenger cars
  • Testing of drum and disk brakes of any type and size




Technical Data (based on vehicle axle, not on dyno axle)

TypeElectrical Mass Simulation


Max Speed


Stop Torque

Drag Torque

Engine Power

Main Power

Dyno Mass


GIANT 900040-240200080003000200300120006000/2000/2000
GIANT 920060-3202000100004000300400150006000/2000/2000
GIANT 9400200-12001000200005000450600300008000/2500/2500
TypeSuitable to Vehicle Type & Nominal SizeApplication RangeTest Sample Type & AdaptationOptimised for Customers
GIANT  9000Cars

Brake Noise
Greep & Groan

Complete Vehicles
MC-Pherson Corner
Complete Axle Structures

Axle Maker
Brake System Maker
Vehicle Maker
Contract Test Laboratory

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